Monthly Recommendations: May 2018

Le Baron de Vincèse – Pectine et Grotonus

Every track is compelling and interesting, and help build a compound image of what that band is, one little part at a time. The album is a blast from start to finish, no downturn or less interesting moments to be found. This is a gem.

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Reg Bloor – Sensory Irritation Chamber

There is not a moment where I’d rather not be listening to the music here. With frequent metric modulations, extended and uncommon chords, and surprisingly catchy melodies, Reg Bloor mixes all the right ingredients in the right proportions to make a solo noise metal album work out.

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Sudan Archives – Sink

I don’t think I can put into words just how much I like Sudan Archives. Ever since their 2017 self-titled release, I’ve been invested in it. The project consists of a lone violinist with many effect pedals and electronic instruments who creates avant-garde soul songs that are heartfelt and inspiring. Sink is powerful and beautiful.

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uSSSy – Voyage

uSSSy are not afraid to blend raw, pure energy with studio tricks and other types of effect, and it always gave them a unique sound that carries through to this new album. Voyage is the unexpected new masterpiece from the band that is sure to please to fans of experimental rock, Middle Eastern melodies, world music rhythms, and noise rock!

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Honourable Mentions

Abraham – Look, Here Comes the Dark!

Dischordia – Binge/Purge

Evil Genius – Experiments on Human Subjects

Ingrina – Etter lys

كاسيت التاجر (Kasyt altaajir) / Cassette Merchant – كلا اليدين الملكي (Kalaa alyadin almalakiu) / Both Hands Are Royal

Lemmings Suicide Myth – Lemmings Suicide Myth

Leviathan Owl – Love for the Other

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