March in 164 Albums

Friday, 1 March

Alkymist – Wreckage of the Raging World [EP] (blackened doom metal)

Montréal, Québec

Berried Alive – Make It Work (progressive metalcore)

Vancouver, Washington

Body Thief – Travel Glow [EP] (post-hardcore)

Washington, D.C.

Bryan McAllister – Very Stable Genius (jazz fusion)

Los Angeles, California
On Orenda

Cartographs – Wilt & Blossom (post-metal)

Copenhagen, Denmark
On Prime Collective

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February in 154 Albums

Friday, 1 February

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – Glitter Wolf (jazz fusion)

New York, New York
On Royal Potato Family

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Astronoid – Astronoid (progressive metal)

Boston, Massachusetts
On Blood Music

Le Butcherettes – Bi Mental (garage rock)

On Rise Records

Dopelord, Weedpecker, Major Kong, and Spaceslug [Split] (stoner metal)

Warsaw, Poland

The Emerald Dawn – Nocturne (progressive rock)

St. Ives, UK
On World’s End Records

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Marathon Devlog 1: Presets

[Github Link]

I never thought I’d write a devlog someday. I feel like dishonouring the “developer” title, but for lack of a better word, I’ll use it. I’ve already announced you I began working on a Python program that could give you a MIDI that includes microrhythms. For the uninitiated, think of microrhythms, or xenorhythms, as “beats between the beats” that are practically unwritable in Western music’s notation system. However, these rhythms are quite prevalent in many different musical cultures, such as Gnawa and Brazilian Samba, and even within the fortress of Western music thanks to the Viennese Waltz.

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Hailing from Lyon, France, the Shelter quintet crafts high-quality progressive rock fusing jazz elements into a cohesive yet chaotic whole. After their 2017 EP Spetsnaz, they’re back with the single “Mercure”, filmed and recorded live. As explicit by the very first few seconds, the rhythm is an important part of Shelter’s identity, soon followed by the effects-laden trumpet and groovy drums. Obviously, the two guitars in the band play their own important role, bringing in complex harmonies and rhythmic patterns conflicting and complementing each other.

The seven-minute track is, I hope, the first of many more to come. For … Read more