Best of September 2019

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Patricia Taxxon – The Best Day

The absurdly prolific musician and youtuber Patricia Taxxon recently released The Best Day, the as-of-yet latest album of hers. It’s the first time I stumble upon her work, but I’m sure to keep an ear out for upcoming ones. The Best Day is a superbly optimistic and upbeat synth pop album with an artsy touch. Nothing too flashy, but a few interesting modulations and creative choices here and there are just enough to keep my interet hooked, and complement the earworm melodies marvellously. A very nice and catchy pop album for all!

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September in 164 Albums

Sunday, 1 September

Anastásios Savvópoulos’s Ouxpo – Deterritorialization (free improvisation)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Inexhaustible Editions

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Patricia Taxxon – The Best Day (experimental pop, synth pop)

Santa Cruz, California

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The Ritual Aura – Velothi [EP] (technical death metal)

Perth, Australia

Vasilis Xenopoulos – Dexterity: The Music of Dexter Gordon (jazz fusion, bebop)

London, UK

Monday, 2

Clair-Obscur – Thé camomille (free jazz)

Berlin, Germany

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Monthly Recommendations: August 2019

inus noice ackerley fifth alliance riga

Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns (Art as Catharsis)

I have a deep love affair with the Australian handpan-and-clarinet duo, dating back since the release of their debut, Heteronomy. On their upcoming EP, the duo expands its sonic palette by adding layers of guitars, bass, didgeridoo, viola, and more to the core instrumentation. This leads to a more lush band sound, but affects the way the material can be played live. Well, such matters matter not for now, because the recordings are as trance-inducing and enjoyable as ever. Be ready to hop … Read more

August in 147 Albums

Thursday, 1 August

Dead Way Englightenment – Störung [EP] (post-black metal)

Kiev, Ukraine

פיי שפירו (Faye Shapiro) – אלף נשיקות (Elef neshikot) [EP] (experimental pop, world fusion)


Zeitgeber – Transforming the Random Crushing Forces of the Universe into Manageable Patterns [EP] (world fusion)

Sydney, Australia
On Art as Catharsis

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Friday, 2

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Energetic Bursts (progressive metal)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Blame God – Power and Control [EP] (grindcore)

New York

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July in 143 Albums

Monday, 1 July

Bobbing – Thank You for Singing to Me [EP] (experimental math rock)

Oakland, California

Discordian String Ensemble – Incerto for Doublebass and Strings (contemporary classical)

Barcelona, Spain
On Discordian

Fields of Elysium – In Ancient Contemplation (progressive technical death metal)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jute Gyte – Birefringent (avant-garde black metal, experimental electro)


Кафкаэск (Kafkaèsk) – Сэконд (Sèkond) [EP] (post-hardcore, noise rock)

Moscow, Russia

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