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August 2018

Convulsing – Grievous

Grievous is an expectedly fantastic release, maintaining Convulsing at the top of the sphere of dissonant death metal.

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Flora – Flora

The compositions of Flora Dekkers, albeit minimalistic in instrumentation, show a deepness and hidden complexity in the synthesizers and structures.

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Jackie Frank Russell III – I’m So Fucking Lonely

I’m So Fucking Lonely is at times aggressive (Likeme), at times ethereally contemplative (I’m So Fucking Lonely), and at times viciously catchy (V I B E), but at all times it’s a total pleasure.

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Masada – Book Three: The Book Ber’iah

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July 2018

Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

With a sense of modern disgust of the metropolis and a touch of retro-futurism, the band’s aesthetic is perfectly attuned, and their music simply embodies it. Dissonant, at times polyrhythmic, murky, and hopeless, Vile Luxury will sicken you; and I love to be sickened. The eight songs on record each have their own soul, so they can be picked apart rather easily, even through all the muck.

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Journal – Chrysalis ordalias

Journal are one of the most insane and technical bands out there, and, on Chrysalis ordalias, their lead guitarist took on

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EXCLUSIVE STREAM: The Mercury Tree and Cryptic Ruse – Cryptic Tree

The Music

The Words

It’s here! It’s finally here! Listen to the Cryptic Tree EP in full right now, 24 hours before its official release! Let’s bask in the glory of heptadecaphonic music, and the occasional polyharmonic passage with icositritonic tuning, crafted in collaboration by Portland, Oregon’s The Mercury Tree and Seattle, Washington’s Igliashon Jones of Cryptic Ruse.

I shan’t say more! Let the music speak for itself. This record is mind-blowing, so check it out!

The Links

Bandcamp – The Mercury Tree
Facebook – The Mercury Tree

Bandcamp – Cryptic Ruse
Facebook – Cryptic Ruse

The Recs

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