Dadabots Researchers Feed Archspire Music to AI to Generate an Endless Stream of Procedural Technical Death Metal

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These songs have a much clearer edge that humans have over bots that can play a few songs and then automatically die when the song plays out. Humans can do that. In the past bots that can play a few tunes and then lose and fail instantly are found.

The same idea was used to create a song called “Mushroom Hill” from the song by Radiohead that was featured in a 2013 episode of Game Music.

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Emme Phyzema, The Machetazo, Coursed Waters, Brian Krock, Drumming Cellist, and Nabowa

Emme Phyzema – Emme Phyzema

Emme Phyzema is a solo project out of Columbus, Ohio, by the multi-instrumentalist of the same name, who played all but drums on this release. This self-titled album fits right under the “brutal prog” umbrella. The ten relatively short tracks here are diverse, hectic, and eclectic, and, most of all, insanely good and fun to listen to.

The Machetazo – A Vision in a Dream

Coming from Madrid, Spain, The Machetazo is a jazz fusion quintet that is now releasing its sophomore album. A Vision in a Dream is not really groundbreaking or pushing the … Read more

RAIC, Slow Evolution Ensemble, Five Agents, Black Flower, Untu, and Scatter the Atoms That Remain

Richmond Avant-Improv Collective – Lamentations (Arichnidiscs)

It seems not so long ago that I reviewed an album by the Richmond-based collective, yet here we are again so soon! Lamentations will be released at the end of April and consists of the same avant-garde free improvisation that made RAIC what it is. On this record, however, the here-nonet band conjures images and sounds from the South of the United States. As always, the result is an outstanding free jazz effort with a punk attitude. It’s an eerie and at times unsettling adventure, and that’s why it’s so great!

Casper Nyvang

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Poil, Ikarus, The Mercury Tree, Kooba Tercu, Amogh Symphony, and Samo Šalamon

Poil – Sus (Dur et doux)

Sus is far from Poil‘s first gross indecency. However, I must say that I think it’s their best so far. The French trio has carved a name for itself by playing eccentric, off-kilter, psychedelic, and complex prog, and it’s evident as to why when you take a slight listen to their upcoming effort. Eclectic and surprising, Sus is a stellar record that belongs in any avant-prog shelf. Out on April 26.

Ikarus – Mosaismic (Iapetus)

The incredible German modern jazz group Ikarus is about to deliver a new opus with Mosaismic. The … Read more

Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes, Pixvae, Shamin, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Paracelze, and Nuno Aroso

Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes – Ego Pills (Shhpuma)

Shhpuma, a derivative of Clean Feed, continues to solidify its position as a purveyor of awe-striking music. The newest demonstration is Ego Pills, an album by the experimental jazz-rock unit Oli Steidle and the Killing Popes. As you can imagine with the above video, the entire album deals in the psychedelic and the musically abstract, as the aberrant, incongruous compositions show. The entire fifty minutes on disc are vibrant and varied, and offer numerous surprises and rewarding moments. It’s a very notable album.

Pixvae – Cali (Compagnie 4000)

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