The Bureau of Atomic Tourism, Sasha Berliner, Ted Byrnes & Michael Foster, Silent Fires, Gloss Coma, and Katariin Raska & Christian Meaas Svendsen

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism – Eden (Rat)

Jon Irabagon’s Bureau of Atomic Tourism is a highly eclectic and mind-blowing sextet project. On their debut release, Eden, the group takes many detours and experiments in contemporary jazz ensemble composition, and the result is amazing! Eden is full of quirks and surprises!

Sasha Berliner – Azalea

New York-based vibraphonist and composer Sasha Berliner just released Azalea. First off, the vibraphone and nonchalant swing might give you a “dark jazz” feel, but the album gleefully explores various genres and headspaces, from the aforementioned soft, moody jazz to the modern, alternative … Read more

You Big Ox, The Antistandard, Nagy Emma Quintet, Ernesto Aurignac Orchestra, Monotrope, and Teeth

you big ox antistandard neq ernesto aurignac monotrope teeth

You Big Ox – An Unkindness of Ravens

You Big Ox is a doomgaze band stemming from the progressive sludge weirdos in National Sunday Law. An Unkindness of Ravens is a brooding, melancholic album that’s beautifully melodic and atmospheric; a true sludgy shoegaze demonstration. The relatively long songs give ample time for the sustained chords to sink in and flood you with all of their weight.

The Antistandard – All of Them! (Discordian)

The Antistandard is a Barcelona-based avant-garde jazz quintet conducted by saxophonist El Pricto and his graphic scores. Featuring established members of the contemporary music scene like … Read more

Mula, Alex Fischer, Essen Jazz Orchestra, Jardim de flores, Eeeeeel, and Trauma Triad

mula alex fischer essen jardim flores eeeeeel trauma triad

Mula – Matasesos (Sello In-correcto)

Hot off their split with French avant-prog masters Poil, Colombian jazzpunkish post-rockers release Matasesos. The album is an amazing mix of genres, from mathcore to noise rock, to post-rock, and much more. On top of that, they really use the three saxophones at their disposition efficiently to create something rather unique in sound!

Alex Fischer – Ones that Work

In the vein of Omni Optometrist and longtime favourite Cryptovolans comes Alex Fischer. It seems that the same strange, surreal artistic musings run through these three. On Ones that Work, Alex brings … Read more

Gorilla Mask, Dave Malloy, Amoeba, Jon Bafus, Unit Wail, and Mirrored Spaces

gorilla mask dave malloy signe emmeluth amoeba jon bafus unit wail mirrored spaces

Gorilla Mask – Brain Drain (Clean Feed)

Peter Van Huffel’s Gorilla Mask is out with the outstanding sequel to Iron Lung. The concept of the band is “a mishmash of punk, metal, jazz, free improvisation and written avant-garde music”, which sounds like a winning recipe by my standards. Moreover, the group’s focus on rhythm as a musical device really hits a soft spot. Check it out!

Dave Malloy – Octet, a Chamber Choir Musical (Nonesuch)

Composer Dave Malloy wrote an a cappella musical, and it’s amazing. Once again, let me just quote: “inspired by internet comment boards, scientific debates, … Read more

Mamiffer, Liturgy, Socialist Night School, Rorcal, Nüshu, and Golden Hymns Sing ‘Hurrah’

mamiffer liturgy chelsea mcbride rorcal nushu golden hymns

Mamiffer – The Brilliant Tabernacle (Sige)

The collaboration of ambient artist Faith Coloccia and post-metal guitarist Aaron Turner under the moniker Mamiffer was a recipe for success. The band joins together ambient music, folk, and post-rock into a delicate interwoven fabric, simply beautiful to behold. The Brilliant Tabernacle is one of those albums that are evocative and cathartic through their calmness and candour. It’s a marvellous record!

Liturgy – HAQQ

Who can really claim to know what Liturgy is about? Mastermind Hunter Hunt-Hendrix seems to have borrowed the art style of his own side-project Kel Valhaal for the newest release … Read more