Wyxz, Terms, Cut the Alligator, Lésions graves, The Pneumatic Transit, and Polymorphie

Wyxz – Odyx (צ (Tzadik))

It’s such a shame that none of this album is available to stream or preview, because you’d most assuredly instantly buy it (as you probably did with the band’s previous album). In short, Wyxz is an avant-prog duo consisting of the brothers Coniguliaro and a lot of guests. With Odyx, they made the leap from independent to being on one of the most legendary and respectable labels out there: John Zorn’s Tzadik label. In doing so, they also went from being available everywhere for free, to being deeply hidden and hardly accessible. Oh, … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: September 2020

Ghost Rhythms – Imaginary Mountains

The French jazz fusion collective Ghost Rhythms began to release their new album, Imaginary Mountains, back in April, drop by drop, and with each new song added to the release page a new adventure awaited. Now, the album was [nearly] completed on September the fourth with “Horizontal Ascension”, a ten-minute epic concept progressive jazz masterpiece. So, there are admittedly some transitions and interludes to work out before the final release date of the opus, but it’s finalized enough to consume and enjoy and marvel and fall into and discuss and become amazed.

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Clown Core, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Convulsif, Bathe, Layma Azur, Corps fleur, Shrouded Serenity, Autocatalytica, and Zerpents

Clown Core – Van

I never gave Clown Core the full credit they deserve. When they released their hit single “Toilet”, I thought it was alright, but didn’t hear from them since. However, when they released a new single—”Van”—they also released two full EPs on Bandcamp. That’s when I realized that “Toilet” was more than a single, and how dumb I was. So, as a way to catch up for my mistake, I’m recommending Van to you all. Clown Core actually has an utterly entrancing rhythm section, backed up by “horrorcore” style synthesizers and a saxophone that’s always on point, … Read more

The Sound that Ends Creation, R’luhh, Alpha du Centaure, Bave, Ghost Rhythms, and Camila Nebbia

The Sound that Ends Creation – Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines

Texas’s Sound that Ends Creation is a one-man mathgrind operation with a bit (quite a bit) of zaniness thrown in. Think Diablo Swing, Zappa, Unexpect, and music dreamed on krokodil. Their previous album came out late last year, so this one comes less than a year after, but is an improvement on an already-successful formula. Just listen to “Slurp’n Up That Ice Cream Baby”—or any of the other singles really—to have a good idea of what to expect from it when it drops!

R’luhh – Li

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Temple Mist, Jacob Collier, Sam Weinberg, Leviathan Owl, Soojin Suh, and Titan to Tachyons

Temple Mist – Ye Invocatioun of Hys Kynge

Just like a haunting soundtrack, Ye Invocatioun of Hys Kynge leaves you battered and confused. For this record, the mysterious entity Temple Mist improvised eerie soundscapes outside the realms of conventional harmony, even throwing away core concepts such as tempo out the window. The result is a thirty-five minute album that makes you question everything, and made people who overheard it playing at my place very uncomfortable.

Jacob Collier – Djesse, Volume 3 (Decca (UMO))

ⅩⅪ century musical genius Jacob Collier is back with the third instalment of his Djesse suite. On … Read more