Nubiyan Twist, Guzzlemug, Stefan Petanovski, and Sea Moquito

Nubiyan Twist – Freedom Fables (Strut)

Nubiyan Twist is a hot fusion big band from London playing with jazz, R&B, soul, pop, hip-hop, and various other genres from around the world with a golden touch. Freedom Fables is their new album, and they’re at peak performance and creativity on it! Their single “Tittle Tattle” really is a paragon of energy and purpose, but the same drive and essence can be found all throughout the near-hourlong release. Freedom Fables is an album you can’t miss.

Guzzlemug – Uncarved

Guzzlemug was a noisy avant-prog trio from Chicago with no release since 2012… … Read more

Senyawa, Cameron Graves, Bruit ≤, and Ummons Echo

Senyawa – القصه

Senyawa is an experimental doom band from Indonesia, the members of which create handmade instruments to play on their albums. On top of what they usually do, القصه—hereafter Alkisah—is centred around decentralization. Therefore, while the duo wrote and recorded eight original songs for the record, they are releasing it with the collaboration of multiple (over sixty!) independent labels worldwide, which are given full freedom for the release: artwork, mix, mastering, and even remixes and reinterpretations! This leads to a new and interesting way to think about what an album is, and, ultimately, who owns music, … Read more

Poly-Math, Carcinoma, Infinity Shred, and ¡Fiasco!

Poly-Math – The Cadaver Tomb, Part 1

As a rather striking departure from their usual sound, British post-prog quartet Poly-Math has decided to try a different approach by going the way of alternative rock, especially the kind that’s now a bit outdated—dark, with some reliance on electronic music elements, almost gothic or industrial in tone, you know the kind—but still very much appreciated when done right, and they’ve struck a massive success with this album unduly cut in half; for the record, I have to say that I haven’t had the chance to hear the second part of The Cadaver Read more

Toboggan, San Salvador, Tak Ensemble, and Simon Kanzler

Toboggan – Première Descente

The French avant-garde progressive rock scene is vibrant and alive, and Toboggan is one of the most recent incarnations of this desire to create something out of the ordinary. After their Démo sans mot, last year, Toboggan return with Première Descente, or “First Descent”, their debut full-length album. And, with just over sixty minutes of material, it has plenty of opportunities to take you in. The bulk of the runtime is taken by the five main compositions, which range from nine to fourteen and a third minutes in length, and which are separated by … Read more

Emme Phyzema, 五人一首, Alkerdeel, and Bisbâyé

Emme Phyzema – Shorts Are Comfy and Easy to Wear!

The creative mastermind known as Emme Phyzema just released a new wacky avant-garde progressive rock masterpiece—first with the addendum When You’re Listening to Fake Harpsichord Music and, would you know it, it was a MIDI harpsichord version of this album—Shorts Are Comfy and Easy to Wear. Was this whole album conceptualized from a single interaction with a Youngster in a Pokémon game? Who is to say? But, to be sure, this thirty-and-some-minute album extracts the best creative juice from the whole region with collaborators and guests such as … Read more