Birds in Row, In-Dreamview, Magma, and Infinien

Birds in Row – Gris Klein (Red Creek)

I love Birds in Row.
For a good while now did their music on me grow.
These ol’ hardcore anthems with a heavenly flow…
I love Birds in Row.
… are today followed by Gris Klein‘s hymns of sorrow.
The album’s great and this here poem helps me show
I love Birds in Row.

In-Dreamview – Spires

Hell yeah! I’ve been eagerly awaiting to listen to the new In-Dreamview album. They’ve got to be one of my favourite “nu-math” bands out there. Yeah I know I just invented that term, but hopefully you hear what I mean when hitting Play. Spires is their new album, only one year after their incredible Triptych album. On Spires, I feel like the band has truly gone above and beyond and nails their sound and vision even further. Great one!

Magma – Kãrtëhl (Seventh)

Listen to “Hakëhn Deïs” on Soundcloud!

So… a little bit of back-story. This album traces its roots back to 1978 or something, as proven by two tracks on record with the original recordings. However, most of the album, and all the voices and instruments, were made in 2022. Kãrtëhl is described as a more hopeful record, like the counterpart to their previous record, Zëss. And indeed, it’s quite upbeat and less hopelessly depressing as some of the band’s previous works. It’s a really good output, especially for a band who has so many miles on the counter as the legend, Magma! It seems like the album’s release date has been pushed back to November, so you’ll have to wait a little more to get your hands on it, but trust me it’s worth the wait!

Infinien – Beyond the Veil

Yeah, Infinien have been on my list for a while now, and I’m glad to announce they just released a new album! Beyond the Veil is more or less a continuation of the great work they’ve done so far. If you love their unique brand of progressive jazz fusion, then it’s only fair to assume that you’ll devour this album eagerly. Still, Infinien manage to find new ideas and influences to cram into their already well-furnished colour palette, giving Beyond the Veil its unique flavour. Don’t miss this one!

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