Eggs of Gomorrh, Crust, Miscreance, and Anal Stabwound

Eggs of Gomorrh – Wombspreader

Welcome to the world of blackened deathgrind, or black grind—literally how I make my coffee—with Swiss band Eggs of Gomorrh. I’ve been keeping a close eye on them for a short while now, and I think that’s thanks to their split with the offensive Weregoat. Well, here I am a new fan! With Wombspreader, Eggs crank the speed to the max and unleash a deluge of riffs, blast beats, and growls that’s terrifying enough to raze everything in its wake. It’s a real vile album you ought to play at this Halloween’s party.

Crust – Wanderers

Self-styled as “blackened doom sludge”, Russian Crust play a sort of atmospheric black metal that indeed uses slowth to its advantage. The massive doom riffs counterbalance well the more rapid passages, and the whole thing comes to life as an engrossing listening experience. On Wanderers, Crust have found their identity, even more than before, and they give us a really good atmospheric metal album.

Miscreance – Convergence

You know I’m a big fan of progressive and technical thrash metal, and Miscreance is exactly what I’m looking for: it’s fast-paced, riff after riff of surprises, not too unlike the best Death albums. And similar to those, the bass is quite prominent, which, as a bassist, is something I’ll always enjoy. There’s even an undeniable borrowing of jazz language here and there, to further the connection and bring Cynic and Atheist into the mix while we’re at it! Well, at the end of the day, this is one fantastic album!

Anal Stabwound – Reality Drips into the Mouth of Indifference (New Standard Elite)

Hell! Yes! Give me all the brutal technical death metal you have, World! I’ve got to say that this is the work of Nikhil Talwalkar alone, who also played in a load of other projects of a similar ilk, including a favourite of mine, Hate Inclination, where he plays drums. So, we’ve got a multi-instrumentalist that’s on a whole other level here; playing on this calibre on multiple instruments is a true feat! And Anal Stabwound is on its way to become my number 1 brutal album of the year. Check this out!

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