Mini-Reviews XXXIV

Hip-hop and jazz rock fusion is quite simply a match made in heaven. Light Bright know how to put it to their advantage. Their newest album, We Got Problems, was released this year, and features some very nice jazzy tunes with live brasses and, of course, very good singing and rapping. A highly enjoyable listen.
Killick Hinds is a rather prolific experimental musician, and has got loads of different collaborations on his bandcamp page. However, the one that struck me the most goes under the name Vectrexcentricity, and features Michael Manring on bass and Jamie DeRevere on drums. Lifelike Boy Android is a very interesting even if quite minimalistic experimental jazz album with chiptune elements to it. It’s really outstanding and brilliant, and I’m eagerly awaiting a new iteration of this wonderful trio!
Protest the Hero finally released the final version of their crowdfunding experiment, Pacific Myth. With a slight tweak on the track order, the album is out there, in all its glory. Despite my unwavering love and admiration for Kezia, Pacific Myth is among the band’s very best material. If you weren’t part of their campaign, I suggest listening to it right now!
At the junction between Esperanza Spalding, Blue-Eyed Hawk, and Axon-Neuron, Infinien lay some sick-ass tunes! Light at the Endless Tunnel is a fusion of jazz and psychedelic progressive rock that will absolutely delight those of you with a certain knack for that kind of jams. The entire album is a lovely and wonderful experience that’s only rarely come across.
After trolling everyone with a release date on which the album did not come, Alaskan black metal band Arria Paetus will release their self-titled debut on December third, although it’s streaming in full on their bandcamp page. The raw production enshrouds the album in a sort of mystical aura that is almost always a boon in black metal. It’s a good forty-three minutes of oppressive and cold black metal that will rejoice the fans of the genre. It’s a gem.
Thanks to Heavy Blog Is Heavy, this discovery about The Central is pretty astonishing. Discovery of a Rat is an experimental math rock album that sounds more like math rock meets post-hardcore than the labelling ‘mathcore’ would suggest. It doesn’t feel mathcore at all, actually, but the album, even if rather short, is absolutely mind-blowing. The band’s compositions feel like a gust of wind in a stale room, and the opening track, ‘Australian Karate Jew’ is really a good piece by which taste the album. You’ll probably fall under its charm.
From the seldom-talked about country of Belarus hails Nebulae Come Sweet, with their last album, It Is Not the Night That Covers You. Bridging post-metal with atmospheric black metal and lush with orchestrations, the album is pretty good. Although not a stellar release, it’s a very good addition to anyone’s music library. On top of that, maybe your personal set of tastes will make this one your album of the year!
AltrOck Productions, from Italy, never ceased to amaze me since I discovered them, not so long ago, with the release of Ciccada’s The Finest of Miracles. Today, they released yet another top-shelf release, this time from La bocca della verità, an Italian progressive rock band. Avenoth is an eighty-minute concept album that goes into a lot of progressive rock subgenres. It’s a superb album taking the flame of the Italian prog scene and making it justice. I recommend progheads listen to that one!

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