Sababa 5, Aaron Myers-Brooks, Valve, and Mr. Fastfinger

Sababa 5 – Sababa 5

Sababa 5—סבבה 5 in their native Hebrew language, basically meaning “The Cool 5″—is a neo-psychedelia band from Israel with a heavy dose of Middle-Eastern music influence laced in their funky grooves. Their self-titled album is instrumental, and while it would have been cool to have some vocals to match their style, there is no time where I thought that it lacked them. The melodies and grooves provide ample entertainment on their own, and that comes with the benefit of instrumental music: it’s easier to play it as background music to whatever else you’re doing. So be sure to check it out!

Aaron Myers-Brooks – Oblique (New Focus)

Aaron is most well-known for being a microtonal guitarist and composer. He released many albums in the past few years, mostly as an independent, but to my surprise just released an album on New Focus Recordings! To be fair, New Focus sometimes sponsors projects that are more “out there”, such as Real Loud and Ekmeles, so it’s not that surprising. Oblique features compositions for 17-EDO guitar and virtual instruments that go from metal-adjacent (like, solo electric guitar) to decidedly classical (guitar and piano) to experimental electronic music. It’s a really impressive album that is a must for microtonal music-minded people.

Valve – Thermoclines

From the first lyrics of “ⅩⅩⅩⅢ”, I knew this was something special. Crushing riffs, roaring vocals, blasting drums. Yeah. This French blackened post-hardcore band is something special. Thermoclines was released earlier this month, and it’s unexplicably still massively underground. I tell you: four tracks, forty minutes (or near enough), and you’ll have the time of your life. Just grab it.

Mr. Fastfinger – Flight Mode & Tremors (Elektrik Pyjamas)

Mika Tyyskä, also known as Mr. Fastfinger, is a Finnish guitar shredder, composer, and animator. He’s been releasing albums under that name since around 2009, and things have never gotten boring, thanks to a rigorous selection process and a certain restraint regarding his own compositions, contrary to some other shredders out there. Flight Mode is his most recent album, which came out on November 11. There’s a sequel to this album, however, named Tremors, and while it’s not set to be released until March 2023, you can download it right now if you purchase the two albums on I’m telling you this because I did so, and they’re quite the jams! I dig this crazy rhythm, and so should you!

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