Best of Afrobeat 2021

Welcome to the first of this year’s best of lists, curated by yours truly! As you might have noticed by now, this year is going to be separated by genre, or style, or attribute… it’s rather inconsistent between categories! On top of that, some categories are rather spread-out within themselves! I mean, there’s more than one kind of “hardcore” music out there for example, and I’m trying my best to keep my categories straight, but it’s often difficult to decide in which category such and such album should go, especially with the miscegenous music I usually listen to! Nevertheless, in order to be concise and to-the-point, I’ll keep every category to a top 5, but I will include all runner-ups that did not make it. So, if you were waiting for this moment to catch up to what’s hot, I hope you’ll find some noteworthy discoveries! I certainly did so during this year! So, without further ado… let’s roll with our first category.

Due to the rule of the alphabet, “Afrobeat” comes first! There was not a ton of Afrobeat records I fell in love with this year, but six releases made it to the top! The genre certainly wasn’t something I was looking out for only a few years ago, however, with such brilliant bands as those we’ll see today, it slowly grew on me and, under the asinine surface of the very most popular artists in the scene—as in every scene—thrives a spectacular and inspirational community of artists that push the boundaries of the genre—as in every genre—into new territory.

Number Five: Sons of Kemet – Black to the Future

Shabaka Hutchings is a wizard! In whatever he accomplishes there is that spark of magic, and Black to the Future is only the latest example of this. The album flows with many far-fetched influences, so much so as to obscure its Afrobeat character. That’s maybe why it’s number five, but that doesn’t mean it’s no good, not at all!

Number Four: Muito Kaballa’s Power Ensemble – Mamari

Mamari is a great album blending Afrobeat with jazz fusion and funk in interesting ways. It has a solid cast of musicians playing with the format, and that’s why it’s on this list!

Number Three: Nubiyan Twist – Freedom Fables

Freedom Fables just has it all: incredible energy, monumental licks, diverse tracklist, exceptional songwriting, outstanding musicianship… It’s one of the Afrobeat record I enjoyed the most this year, but its sometimes more somber demeanour, although perhaps more sophisticated than other contenders on this list, takes away from the festive nature of the genre. Still, an amazing record.

Number Two: Nkonsonkonson Star Band – How to Swim

More traditional in its approach than most others on this list, Nkonsonkonson Star Band is the paragon of contemporary Afrobeat. How to Swim is a vibrant album full of life and energy, but since I’m not a traditionalist myself, this one gets second place. However, any fan of the genre should definitely hear this gem of 2021!

Number One: Onipa – Tapes of Utopia

Onipa is a strange and beautiful beast. Led by Kweku of Ghana, Onipa is an afrofuturistic dance group, and they truly excel at their purpose! With pertinent lyrics on current issues and an otherworldly groove, Onipa truly deserves the first spot on this list. If this mixtape doesn’t invigorate your legs and heart, you are a block of concrete. As for me, I will be eagerly awaiting Kweku’s upcoming album in early 2022!

Notable Releases

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Friday, 5 February

Femi Kuti – Legacy +: Stop the Hate

Lagos, Nigeria

Tracklist (click to display)

Made Kuti – Legacy +: For(e)ward

Lagos, Nigeria

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 12 March 2020

Nubiyan Twist – Freedom Fables

Afrobeat, jazz fusion
London, UK

Read our review.

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 14 May 2021

Sons of Kemet – Black to the Future

nu jazz

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 28 May

Muito Kaballa’s Power Ensemble – Mamari

Afrobeat, world fusion
Cologne, Germany
Rebel Up!

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 17 September

Onipa – Tapes of Utopia

Afrobeat, world fusion
London, UK

Tracklist (click to display)

Monday, 20 September

Nkonsonkonson Star Band – How to Swim

Bern, Switzerland

Tracklist (click to display)

Best of 2021

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