Best of Indie Rock 2021

Time for some softer music. Is it still good if it’s not constant chaos? Yeah, yeah things are pretty damn good, actually!

Number Five: Zouz – Vertiges

Let me be chauvinistic a little, and start with a homegrown band. Zouz border on post-punk, noise rock, and math rock, but there’s a middle line in that whole mess that intersects with indie rock sensibilities. Vertiges is a fun, varied, and addictive album that you’re sure to put on repeat multiple times!

Number Four: Ventifacts – Ventifacts

Microtonal indie rock still counts, right? Damn right it does! Ventifacts is the project of Ben Spees and Damon Waitkus, two legends of the contemporary prog rock scene, and on this album, they use various instruments in microtonal tunings in creative ways to subvert expectations we have developed over our lives listening to normitonal music. The result is, as you might imagine, quite enthralling! One of the best albums of the year!

Number Three: Requin – Shark

Shark is the first and last album of Australian band Requin, and that’s really a shame! These songs walk the line between math rock and emo, and they’re all brilliant! The soft and gentle vocals, the lush harmonies, everything just clicks. One of the best albums of the year!

Number Two: The Body & Big, Brave – Leaving None but Small Birds

This is very good. This is incredibly good (and yet better still is to come)! The Body—noise/sludge—collaborating with Big, Brave—post-rock/doom—gives us this folksy indie rock album? Hell yeah! Leaving None but Small Birds is a melancholic, slow, touching, down-to-earth album that’s hypnotic, moving, and dangerously addictive!

Number One: Adjy – The Idyll Opus

Alright, hear me out. The Idyll Opus is an indie folk-rock concept album at times reminiscent of the Dear Hunter and that ends with a seventeen-minute epic, and it’s incredible. There’s just something with this album that reaches straight to my heart: the melodies, the lyrics, the driving folk-rock music, everything just blends together so well it’s uncanny. The indie rock category was insanely competitive this year, I’ve had so many doubts and tough choices to make, but this album was always at the top. It’s just that good!

Notable Releases

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Friday, 22 January

Palberta – Palberta 5000

experimental rock
New York, New York
Wharf Cat

Tracklist (click to display)

Wednesday, 17 February

Indigo La End – 夜行秘密

WM Japan

Tracklist (click to display)

Tuesday, 20 April

Ursine – Cartoons

indie rock
Chicago, Illinois

Tracklist (click to display)

Tuesday, 18 May

Requin – Shark

art pop, indie rock
Brisbane, Australia

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 21

Trade Wind – The Day We Got What We Deserved

alternative rock
Other People

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 28 May

Brendan Byrnes – 2227

experimental rock
Los Angeles, California

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 4 June

Japanese Breakfast – Jubilee

alternative rock
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dead Oceans

Tracklist (click to display)

Wednesday, 30 June

Adjy – The Idyll Opus

progressive rock
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Triple Crown

Tracklist (click to display)

Horsey – Debonair

noise rock
London, UK

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 13 August

The Killers – Pressure Machine

alternative rock
Las Vegas, Nevada

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 20 August

Sheen Marina – Sheen Marina

experimental surf rock
Brooklyn, New York

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 10 September

Molly Drag – Resemble Another

Montréal, Québec

Tracklist (click to display)

Wednesday, 22

Ventifacts – Ventifacts

experimental rock
Brattleboro, Vermont

Read our review.

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 24 September

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind

New York, New York
Asthmatic Kitty

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 1 October

Bon Enfant – Diorama

psychedelic rock
Montréal, Québec

Tracklist (click to display)

The Body & Big, Brave – Leaving None but Small Birds

indie rock
Portland, Oregon
Thrill Jockey

Tracklist (click to display)

Tuesday, 12

Gypsum – Gypsum

indie rock, math rock
Los Angeles, California
Sonic Ritual

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 15 October

Zouz – Vertiges

indie rock
Montréal, Québec
Lazy at Work

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 3 December

Corey Mastrangelo – Long Distance Station to Station

indie rock
New Jersey

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 10

ᐲᑐᕆᔅ ᑎᐊShifting

indie folk
Quaqtaq, Québec

Tracklist (click to display)

Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Blind Date Party

indie rock
Chicago, Illinois
Drag City

Tracklist (click to display)

Friday, 17 December

Big Fat Meanies – Bad Hand

progressive ska
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Tracklist (click to display)

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