Peculate – Hotline Bling

Peculate has decided to join in on the fun that many others such as Sufjan Stevens have in covering the controversial “Hotline Bling”. Peculate does not do a direct cover like many of the others have but a creative jazz-metal arrangement. The outro of the song in itself is a piece within it self.

The video is not just a static image either but something that had effort put into it that goes along with the song.

As usual you can “name your price” for the song and other bits on his bandcamp page by using the link above the … Read more

Two Unique Covers of Meshuggah

Rejectionary Art did a cover of the all time classic Meshuggah EP called I. YES SOMEONE FUCKING COVER I. It’s a full cover but with many intresting added layers by Rejectionary Art. There isn’t much info on these guys, but their album is pretty sweet and unique. Check it out on their bandcamp here.

Here’s the video for their cover.(Also the film work done here is PHENOMENAL)

Now here is a Black Metal compilation by AfterBlood of a shrinked version of Koloss. Vocals are very interesting and done by a female! Enjoy gentlemen.

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Vote for songs Amogh Symphony should cover!

On their facebook page, you’ve got to choose from 22 songs from different artists and styles. I guess that, in the end, 5 or 6 of them will get covered for their next album, or a separate tribute set.

Here’s the list (my personal choices were 8, 13, and 16):

1. Slink – Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Extreme unction – Necrophagist
3. Stratus – Billy Cobham(original version with Tommy Bolin)
4. Coily – Ozric Tentacles
5. The fury – Decapitated
6. Have you heard – Pat Methany
7. Tokyo dream – Allan Holdsworth
8. Scavenger of human sorrow – Death… Read more