Limit Zero – Gravestone Constellations

India’s an intriguing country when it comes to music.

To one side, there is those who make truly outstanding music, like Amogh Symphony, but to the other side, there are 200 Indian elephants’ weight worth of shitty bands that either try to copy old school Megadeth and Metallica or are just being bad.

Limit Zero, of course, is on the right side of the balance (actually the left one, if we all read the above paragraph from left to right).

Their album Gravestone Constellations show their progressive metal style well, with a dip in more modern subgenres like djent or … Read more

Vote for songs Amogh Symphony should cover!

On their facebook page, you’ve got to choose from 22 songs from different artists and styles. I guess that, in the end, 5 or 6 of them will get covered for their next album, or a separate tribute set.

Here’s the list (my personal choices were 8, 13, and 16):

1. Slink – Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Extreme unction – Necrophagist
3. Stratus – Billy Cobham(original version with Tommy Bolin)
4. Coily – Ozric Tentacles
5. The fury – Decapitated
6. Have you heard – Pat Methany
7. Tokyo dream – Allan Holdsworth
8. Scavenger of human sorrow – Death… Read more