Pryapisme Will Be Album Of The Year

This may be the album of the year for me ALREADY for our blog’s style of music taste.

The best way to introduce anyone to this band is by stating it’s BTBAM on Acid. Now I know it’s a horrible horrible analogy but it helps you understand the structure of the song flow at least.

Next up I want to state that this album is simply brilliant. It is so wacky and spontaneous but yet is so easily able to follow. Now some people may not like the album as a whole since it goes in so many directions in each song but I will GUARANTEE you will love some sections.

The album diverse from many awesome swing jazz sections, to spastic electro dance vibes, to classic old groovy funk. These guys have good taste across the lines of so many genres. It also contains many epic solos from shreddering guitars, awesome samples (with a very dark one), and many epic sections that you would expect to hear from a score in a movie or a video game.

Pryapisme has managed to merge so many difference influences while allowing them all to have well thoughtout sections in many of their songs, all while not feeling force. This album also simply has the best and most diverse instrumentation I have ever heard.

These gentlemen simply are brilliant and I salute them.


Here is a teaser, a full video song (which both have creativitly clever montages), and a soundcloud link (for you High Quality freaks) for the new song from the video.