Armonite – The Sun Is New Each Day


Released last year on June 22, 2015, Armonite’s second album, and first album in 15 years The Sun Is New Each Day is a vibrant instrumental prog album that is full of both complex and beautiful melodies. The prominent electric violin reminds me a bit of the Dixie Dregs. The album sounds like a Soundtrack at times, which makes sense since the band has published videos of a few movie theme covers from their show The Soundtrack is New Each Day. In fact, it sounds more like a video game soundtrack to me. ‘‘G’ as in Gears’ could easily … Read more

Danimal Cannon – Lunaria

ALBUM ART Lunaria_RGB_1500x1500Danimal Cannon’s 2011 album Roots was one of the albums that got me into chiptune music (although other Ubiktune releases certainly contributed to that as well) and remains one of my favorite albums still. Danimal’s new album Lunaria contains the same familiar upbeat gameboy programmed chiptunes paired with prog metal guitar riffs, but on a whole new level.

What sets this album apart from past Danimal albums is the fact that the songs were composed on guitar first, with the chiptunes composed around those guitar parts. Also new to Lunaria, is the addition of vocals on a few of the … Read more

News: Third Ion will release metal-meets-chiptune album 13/8 Bit!

Mixing metal with chiptune, or retro-sounding synth sounds, isn’t something new, many bands or artists have done it on different levels, from C-Jeff to Haken, but a newcomer that seems to do it right is always a good news! The album will come out May 25th through Glasstone Records in physical format, and on Itunes for digital downloads.

Here are some other tunes from the album:

Zero Mass


Album teaser
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You’ll level up August 6th

Last Chance To Reason‘s Level 3 will come out on Prosthetic Records on August 6th. It seems like it’s been a really short time since Level 2 came out… I guess that’s a sign of a good album keeping you entertained for quite some time, now!

Nao look at dat artwork!

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Pokémon Reorchestrated

This website provides you with a stream of the first album of this grandiose project : Kanto Symphony. You can also get it for a minimum of 10 dollars.

Artist Skotein, composition major, has taken on the huge undertaking that is reorcherstrating all Pokémon games’ music! And what a wonderful way to revive our childhood than to give a second, more mature, listen to its soundtrack.

The album contains numerous solo artists and visual artists, too.

Kanto Symphony is a real professional recording that is sure to get the geek, the nerd, and the nostalgic we all are.

You … Read more