Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Vula

The massive eighteen-piece big band, or small ensemble, from Germany Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra released, in early July, their latest album in Vula. The hourlong release, which features seven tracks, is very eclectic and dense. Their music has a sometimes retro quality to it, which takes you back to the music of the thirties or forties, but retain an undeniably modern aspect. The vast array of musicians play demanding compositions, like the fast-paced and hectic ‘In Light of Turmoil’, blaring almost relentlessly for more than thirteen minutes. I can only imagine how the drummer’s right arm feels after this… … Read more

The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Symphony

I have never played any Zelda game ever (although I’ve just started a game on A Link to the Past), but this is a pure gem!!!

Kind of like the Kanto Symphony for Pokémon, Zelda Symphony doesn’t need you to have played the games to enjoy. The themes are beautiful, the melodies beautiful, the sounds beautiful, everything’s beautiful (to hell with synonyms).

Concerts were held in Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles with an orchestra playing, as part of the 25th anniversary of the series. This disc came with the game Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii.

And as we … Read more

Being thank us for the wait!

Anthropocene, with a set release date or december 21, 2012, is not out yet, the mixing and mastering process taking more time than previously thought. But, gentlemen that they are, Being is giving away an orchestral instrumental version of a re-worked version of Cosmolonaut off their debut EP, entitled The Singularity Cosmists II, for FREE!!!

It sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this new album. Oh, and Anthropocene features Spencer Sotelo… :3

Download the song and give them a like on facebook!

-D… Read more

Pokémon Reorchestrated

This website provides you with a stream of the first album of this grandiose project : Kanto Symphony. You can also get it for a minimum of 10 dollars.

Artist Skotein, composition major, has taken on the huge undertaking that is reorcherstrating all Pokémon games’ music! And what a wonderful way to revive our childhood than to give a second, more mature, listen to its soundtrack.

The album contains numerous solo artists and visual artists, too.

Kanto Symphony is a real professional recording that is sure to get the geek, the nerd, and the nostalgic we all are.

You … Read more