The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Symphony

I have never played any Zelda game ever (although I’ve just started a game on A Link to the Past), but this is a pure gem!!!

Kind of like the Kanto Symphony for Pokémon, Zelda Symphony doesn’t need you to have played the games to enjoy. The themes are beautiful, the melodies beautiful, the sounds beautiful, everything’s beautiful (to hell with synonyms).

Concerts were held in Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles with an orchestra playing, as part of the 25th anniversary of the series. This disc came with the game Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii.

And as we would expect, Los Angeles’ crowd didn’t know how to behave at a classical concert. As 1up’s Bob Mackey puts it : “The medleys suffered the most from audience outbursts, as the crowd would erupt whenever they recognized the snippet of the song that just started… which was every single time.”

The only negative point I’d have to bring to this album is that it’s practically impossible to get it via traditional means. You either have to buy the Skyward Sword game, which sucks if you don’t like Zelda games or don’t own a Wii, or find it on ebay or similar websites. However, you can always enjoy it on youtube!

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