Review: Becca Stevens Band – Perfect Animal

Becca Stevens‘ crowdfunding campaing was probably the most infuriating one I’ve ever participated in. Their new album, Perfect Animal was set on being released in fall of 2014, and was crowd-funded to cover the expenses of recording, mixing and mastering (which was already made at that point), and to fund the promotion, album art, and printing vinyl and CD. I am really fine with this kind of crowdfunding: the album’s [almost] ready for delivery, and even if the goal was not met, it would still get released, not like other shitty campaigns.

And then we were left in … Read more

Review: Pryapisme – Futurologie EP

If you didn’t already know our blatant bias towards French experimental metal band Pryapisme, now is the time to witness it. The reason is that the band’s newest work, Futurologie EP, has just come out, and, as you would expect from a totally biased reviewer, it’s fucking incredibly awesome! Now let’s dig a little deeper to see why, and try to convert you into our Church of Pryapismology.

First of all the band has made it clear from the very beginning that they would be including a lot of humour into their instrumental mayhem. With an imagery based … Read more

Review: Lee Wanner – Every Man Is An Island

[Stream the album here]

LeeWanner-EveryManIsanIslandLee Wanner is a particular fellow, music-wise. His now defunct (from what I understood) band, Rejectionary Art, released one album of pure heavy grooviness, and one other of varied musical genres applied to djent, the latter in a rather small dose. All the while, his solo albums ranged from purely jazz awesomeness to weird and creepy classical music with foley, and a funky 80s-style album, among other ones. Now, with Every Man Is An Island, Lee seems to have gathered all these varied experience to make something truly, strangely, weird and good!

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News: Something goes right for Mad Essence

Russian metalrtronic band Mad Essence will soon release their next full-length album Rehumanization which is said to be the greatest of them all.

If we are to judge the future album by the present single, this would not be far from the truth. Something Goes Right definitely gets something right. It’s not surprising for an experienced listener, but it kind of reminds me of nu-metal, the not-so-bad ones. And this is cool.

I’ll wait for the album release for the final judgement.… Read more

News: Pryapisme releases video for Futurologie Part IV!

Here it is! The glitchy, catty, spacey music video for the first music piece from Pryapisme‘s new EP, Futurologie. This one is Part IV, and there’s only one thing I must say: it’s too short! It’s too damn short!

In other words, I can’t wait February 9th, when this bad boy comes out. Pre-order the EP now here!Read more

Tigran Hamasyan teases Mockroot

Yes! YES! YES!

A new Tigran Hamasyan record always means new incredible and powerful music to listen and enjoy! For those of you unfamiliar to his music, imagine Animals As Leaders in a piano reduction. The crazy syncopated riffs, the sweet arpeggios and outstanding solos, the polyrhythms, it has all that! And if that teaser is any indication of what Mockroot will sound like as a whole, expect it to be even closer to the traditional metal/djent band, with the addition of drums and electronic elements, and a bass player.

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Deux Pouilles En Cavale – Tambour Et Temps Morts

Experimental Frenchy rockers Deux Pouilles En Cavale serve us their second meal; after their eponymous breakfast LP and short lunch of an EP, here comes the dinner. With a fancy name like Tambour Et Temps Morts, or “Drum And Time-Outs” (it really sounds fancier in French but what doesn’t?), we are to expect a royal meal, and we, weird-music lovers, are truly served!

First off, the kitchen has employed two new cooks since their first album, bringing the number of musicians to that of a quatuor! Yes, their debut album … Read more

XYAX – Ode to the Universe (in three parts)

XYAX is Dave Tremblay and Ben Norton. XYAX is self-described as “22nd-century electronic un-metal un-music”.

Lyrics are presented on their site:

We all love albums that give us “out of this world” experiences. Well XYAX’s entire concept is to bring you that. XYAX does what modern technical death metal and progressive bands fail to do on a daily basis. XYAX does not feed you a riff salad and actually brings you something that is truly innovate in it’s vocal approach, song structures, rhythmic diversity, and production values.

Even with being so technical and having many layers, “Ode to the … Read more