Progenie terrestre pura – oltreLuna

The Italian science-fiction atmospheric black metal trio Progenie terrestre pura will soon release their second full-length album, oltreLuna. With this opus, we see them at their most diversified and confident. Between the blast beats and the atmospheric keyboard pads, you’ll find elements of folk music like the flute on ‘[.Pianeta.Zero.]’, electronic dance music like the dubstep part of ‘[.oltreLuna.]’, and industrial metal. All these make for a really interesting and varied experience, something that is cruelly lacking in the atmospheric black metal landscape. The instruments on there sound very angular, almost mechanical, synthetic, but embedded in all that futuristic, science-fictive aesthetics, it only makes sense. Their lifeless, robotic interpretation only reinforces the feeling of solitude and technological advancement Progenie terrestre pura are putting forward. At almost an hour long, oltreLuna provides a good amount of material that will please fans of atmospheric and progressive black metal.

You can listen to an advanced stream of the album on Noisey (page in Italian).