Tin Men and the Telephone – World Domination, Part One: FURIE (Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Equilibrium)

The Music

The Words

Aliens have been watching us. They have been for a long time, and they now feel like they have to intervene in order to counter the global rise of populism and demagogy in politics. This extraterrestrial commando is called FURIE (Federal Union for Restoring Intergalactic Equilibrium), and their modus operandi is to come and abduct world leaders that fall into this category. You can command the operation yourself by going to this interactive website!

This is the story behind the newest album from Amsterdam’s modern jazz band Tin Men and the Telephone. The … Read more

Chryste Panie – Chryste Panie

Chryste Panie – Polish for “Christ, Lord” – released their self-titled album earlier this year. The quatuor plays an interesting blend of free jazz and ambient electronic music inspired by devotional and shamanic music. Here, the synthesizers stick exceptionally well to the ritualistic free jazz aura the band is conveying. The droning notes and chords are exploited to their full extent by saxophonist Michał Małota, while the drummer and percussionist provide rhythmic continuity and occasional eccentricity. One of the defining moments of the album is on “Wejście”, when the folly picks up and a very rare entrance of a voice … Read more

Anomalie – Métropole

From the Montréal metropolis comes yet another jaw-dropping album. Anomalie is the alias of musician and producer Nicolas Dupuis, and Métropole is their debut EP. The strong grooves and heavy electronic funk are what will immediately jump to you upon listening, and you can’t help but be caught by the flow. This EP oozes of Snarky Puppy and Tigran Hamasyan, among many others, but with a definitely more electronic music edge to the jazz artists mentioned. Amidst all the keyboard and piano virtuosity lie beats in various feels, like the swing feel and other shuffles – among which some … Read more