Love Theme – Love Theme

Love Theme is Alex Zhang Hungtai and Austin Milne on saxophone, and Simon Frank. Love Theme, their debut album, is a languishing and bleak experimental jazz recording edited from improvisation sessions. The record is droning over almost all its runtime, with electronic music elements complementing the saxophonic exchanges. It’s melancholic and atmospheric, reflecting on the past and reaching within. There is nothing flamboyant about this release – it’s actually quite drab –, but in being so it goes straight to the point it wants to make: an ode and elegy to love. Through the slow burn of noise percussions and reverb-laden woodwinds, Love Theme uses cathartic harmonies and movements to make us feel loss and grief, and an uneasy excitement that embodies only too well the subject at hand. It’s an album in which to be submerged entirely; to bathe in its sad beauty.