Twin Pyramid Complex – Jinx Equilibria

Jinx Equilibria is the debut album of Swedish experimental progressive rock band Twin Pyramid Complex. Behind their unabashed worship of the weirder side of The Mars Volta, which is most noticeable by the vocal style, angular rhythms, and out-of-the-box orchestrations, Twin Pyramid Complex play a forward-thinking and highly peculiar sort of prog. Somewhere between avant-garde pop and post-punk, Jinx Equilibria assaults the senses with an overwhelming multi-layered complexity, long-form compositions, and unrelenting vocals. There’s also quite a lot of experimentation concerning the production of the songs, just listen to the introduction of ‘Dogma taxidermi’ and its completely unnatural segue into the body of the song. That’s not the only place where liberties have been taken, and that’s the sign of a well thought-out sound. At over an hour long, Jinx Equilibria can be quite exhausting for the unprepared mind, but, for those willing to dive into its crazy world, will prove to be a unique and memorable experience.