A Sceptic’s Universe’s 15 years

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of what is widely known as one of the most important releases in progressive metal. One that has no equivalent, and very few competitors. Personally, Spiral Architect changed the way I viewed music, and the way I viewed the bass player in a band. It is a really important album for me, and I believe it deserves a little post here, for its 15 years of loyal service. If you aren’t already into the spiral train, it’s never too late to embark.

Happy 15 years and let’s just underline that the band is … Read more

DERANGED – Morgue Orgy

Brutal death metal-legends DERANGED, hailing from Malmö, 378528Sweden, are still ripping flesh, breaking bones and eating brains like it’s still the 90’s. With the newly added Anders Johansson on guts, they just released, ‘Morgue Orgy’ EP which saw the band return faster and more brutal than ever. The album arises stormingly, DERANGED needs no introduction or other gimmick after all, it is just straight up, in your face brutal death metal. The powerful and crude riffs, ferocious and vitriolic, induced with natutal and pinch harmonics make this violent whirlpool even more intense, if that’s even possible. Anders Johansson’s deep, guttural … Read more

NEKROSKOP – Baptized in Formalin

Baptized in Formalin cover

Nekroskop is a Crust/ Grind/ Black project from Malmö/Lund, Sweden, that started making noise during the early half of 2012. Now, a little more than a year since the band’s reception, the band just presented their first ever recording, the “Baptized in Formalin” EP which was released in May through Goregeous Productions. What follows is an attemp to describe this swedish blackened death armageddon.

After a lightning fast drum intro, the grind induced ‘Coffinsplitter’ presents itself with razor sharp riffing, providing a wicked start that could not have been more appropriate for such an album. What is quite notable from … Read more

STILLA – Till Stilla Falla

Coldness and melancholy, solaceand pride. Such conditions and feelings are fully  combined  under the banner of Scandinavian underground music with the newly born STILLA. A Swedish entity that consists of  Pär Stille (BERGRAVEN) on guitar/keyboards, 483820_231115757034983_1785579003_nAndreas Johansson (DERANGED) on bass, Andreas Pettersson (DE ARMA, ARMAGEDDA, LONNDOM, WHIRLING) on vocals and Johan Marklund (DE ARMA, SORGELDOM, WHIRLING) on drums, who have just released their profound debut album ‘Till Stilla Falla’ through Nordvis produktions. An album of stargazing and transcendental musical landscapes with poignant riffing, bounded by some really striking bass lines, immense keyboards and ghastly utterings, elements that are surely … Read more

THREE WINTERS – The Atrocities EP

ImageNorwegian group THREE WINTERS have just unleased their new “The Atrocities EP” through the multi-faceted ‘Post Avantgarde Pop’ Swedish label Beläten. THREE WINTERS consists of the highly active Kim Sølve — the man behind Blitzkrieg Baby, K100, and the infamous Trine + Kim Design Studio, Anders B., who has dedicated half his life to extreme industrial music through significant projects such as Babyflesh and Mind & Flesh and last but certainly not least the musical virtuoso Lars Fredrik Frøislie known from the prog rock acts Wobbler and White Willow, as well as his involvement in numerous other projects.

‘Atrocities’ starts … Read more