THREE WINTERS – The Atrocities EP

ImageNorwegian group THREE WINTERS have just unleased their new “The Atrocities EP” through the multi-faceted ‘Post Avantgarde Pop’ Swedish label Beläten. THREE WINTERS consists of the highly active Kim Sølve — the man behind Blitzkrieg Baby, K100, and the infamous Trine + Kim Design Studio, Anders B., who has dedicated half his life to extreme industrial music through significant projects such as Babyflesh and Mind & Flesh and last but certainly not least the musical virtuoso Lars Fredrik Frøislie known from the prog rock acts Wobbler and White Willow, as well as his involvement in numerous other projects.

‘Atrocities’ starts up with a slow, evolving beat, supplemented by a mysterious sounding synth quite reminiscent of something that could have been created in the 80s electro scene. The structure is simple yet very interesting, a thick foundation for minimal beats, offering an appropriate soundtrack to a cold winter night, as the band name indicates as well, ‘The Atrocities EP’ is perfectly suited for such gloomy occasions. This cinematic feel continues with ‘At the Centre of Dystopia’ which takes off immediately where ‘Atrocities’ ended, leading this whole synthesised musical landscape a whole step further. This time the music has a more effectual role, still as dark and atmospheric as it gets, some industrial elements make their appearance too, attached to the remoteness of the songs’ on going electro-beats, ending with a great piano sequence that will just leave one craving for more. The next four songs are just remixes of the previous originals. These highly experimental and unique collaborations by four distictively different artists such as Pseen (At the Centre of Dystopia), Aymeric Thomas, Mister and Th. Tot (Atrocities), who all took the best elements of the songs and filtered them through their own musical vision, a vision that takes you to different places every single time, ranging from neo-electro and folk to a penetrating dark synth-pop jumble. It’s like adding even more ingredients to an already complete canvas in a gratifying and unobtrusive way, the grooves are wobbling and the feel is cold and intriguing, each one a transgressive attemp in its particular way. Ending the EP comes the resonant synth intro of ‘Aeon Surveillance’ being nothing less than a melancholic and shadowy departure of this unsettling synthetic musical piece.

All in all, ‘the three original 3 tracks that are included in ‘The Atrocities EP’ are only serving as a rather compelling teaser of THREE WINTERS’ upcoming full-length album. A hallucinating yet beautiful musical exploration producing dark atmospheric, synthesized vibes thrown into a succulent retrogarde scenery not quite common in the Norwegian music scene. It’s atrocious rhythms will tie you up in it, for sure.