8-bit metal special!

Do you remember the time when video games had awfully ugly graphics, and music of the worst quality possible, but still providing us with memorable musics; as in Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Megaman…

Some musicians today want to revive this era, for your musical pleasure.


8 bit melodic instruments backed with programmed drums will probably make you raise an eyebrow. Such quality-crushed instruments with a such good sounding drum is indeed rather bizarre, but given the harshness of 8-bit drums, we can forgive, and gladly accept it.

Kinship Synthesis is full of melodies that would fit like a glove in a retro platformer or shooter. It’s got a broad range of feelings and atmospheres, suited to different parts of a game’s story, and even a Johann Sebastian Bach 8-bit metal cover.

Dr. Zilog

The formula is similar to Unraveller’s, but this band also showcases real guitars, which is hidden behind 8-bit synths melodies and riffs.

Riffs. Something rather absent in Unraveller. With Dr. Zilog they are back, the more “traditional” riff.

There are even a few vocals and lyrics hidden behind synth layers. Also, there are 4 full albums to enjoy!

Omega Cluster

Bringing down progressive metal to 8-bit quality, the “dark side” of the Omega Cluster project is the most extreme and non-melodic of the 8-bit metal bands covered today.

Also, it is the only one without a programmed drum to back it. Just plain old 8-bit drums, with wild instruments and song structures. And it has a little more than two hours of listening joy!

Unraveller on facebook

Dr. Zilog on facebook

Omega Cluster on facebook


2 comments on 8-bit metal special!

  1. Jeff says:

    Awesome list! I definitely plan to listen to all of these!

    Here’s another prog/8-bit album not on this list by C-jeff called Prechtale
    Check it out!