STILLA – Till Stilla Falla

Coldness and melancholy, solaceand pride. Such conditions and feelings are fully  combined  under the banner of Scandinavian underground music with the newly born STILLA. A Swedish entity that consists of  Pär Stille (BERGRAVEN) on guitar/keyboards, 483820_231115757034983_1785579003_nAndreas Johansson (DERANGED) on bass, Andreas Pettersson (DE ARMA, ARMAGEDDA, LONNDOM, WHIRLING) on vocals and Johan Marklund (DE ARMA, SORGELDOM, WHIRLING) on drums, who have just released their profound debut album ‘Till Stilla Falla’ through Nordvis produktions. An album of stargazing and transcendental musical landscapes with poignant riffing, bounded by some really striking bass lines, immense keyboards and ghastly utterings, elements that are surely … Read more