News: A teaser for Lee Wanner’s new album

Every Man Is An Island is artist and multi-instrumentist Lee Wanner‘s upcoming solo album. Adding so many varied influences to a progressive metal, or djent perhaps, foundation that it’s difficult to categorize his music as such, this is certainly progressive in the literal way of the term.

I’ll be the first to buy that album once it’s available (if my wallet lets me), and I highly suggest you take interest in this man’s greatly interesting music!… Read more

Deux Pouilles En Cavale – Tambour Et Temps Morts

Experimental Frenchy rockers Deux Pouilles En Cavale serve us their second meal; after their eponymous breakfast LP and short lunch of an EP, here comes the dinner. With a fancy name like Tambour Et Temps Morts, or “Drum And Time-Outs” (it really sounds fancier in French but what doesn’t?), we are to expect a royal meal, and we, weird-music lovers, are truly served!

First off, the kitchen has employed two new cooks since their first album, bringing the number of musicians to that of a quatuor! Yes, their debut album … Read more

Clément Belio + other peeps = ITZAMNA

ITZAMNA‘s first single, Kiska, gives us a taste of what the EP, entitled “Metnal”, will be like. Verdict: It’s really promising! There’s the “clems6belio” vibe in there, but they’re a real talented and diverse band, so… I can only say that I’m looking forward to hear more from them, and definitely looking forward to their EP, coming out November 5!… Read more

Amogh Symphony – Vectorscan

Amogh Symphony‘s third album, the sequel to the critically acclaimed progressive technical metal album “Quantum Hack Code”, which was released in 2010, marks a sharp turn from the previous direction of the band, and a slight departure from the whole “metal” genre. It’s a record as challenging to listen to as it is to read its track titles, but, in the end, it’s one of the most rewarding pieces of modern music there is, and, definitely, a change for the best.

Vectorscan will fuel the haters of the metal community because there is just so … Read more