News: A teaser for Lee Wanner’s new album

Every Man Is An Island is artist and multi-instrumentist Lee Wanner‘s upcoming solo album. Adding so many varied influences to a progressive metal, or djent perhaps, foundation that it’s difficult to categorize his music as such, this is certainly progressive in the literal way of the term.

I’ll be the first to buy that album once it’s available (if my wallet lets me), and I highly suggest you take interest in this man’s greatly interesting music!… Read more

Monthly Recommendations: What you missed in November

We’ve put together the best 4 albums of this month, and they’re the 4 ones you should definitely get if you have the chance!

First up is Blood & Banjos‘ debut self-titled album. The uncanny mix of bluegrass and various styles of metal, from metalcore to black metal, is actually really freaking good! You can grab this amazing album on the band’s website and support the band, or otherwise on our bandcamp page.

Secondly, the outstanding [mostly-]instrumental progressive rock album Polymorphism, by Mammoth. The album is really instrumentally strong, and the one song with vocals … Read more

Blood & Banjos: The Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

It’s really what it says it is: Blood & Banjos is all about Metal & Bluegrass, and in the best way possible! Didn’t you ever secretly wish to listen to a brutal riff with banjo, violin, and harmonica over it? Well here you go, in the first song that’s available for streaming, that’s what you get! And it’s freaking awesome!

The album comes out pretty soon, and will be pay-what-you-want upon release, but you can pre-order it now for 1 dollar and support the guys who make that underexploited genre mix awesome!… Read more

They the artists! Rejectionary Art – Exocoetidae : Flying Fish

Like their band’s name so brilliantly puts it, Rejectionary Art puts aside any convention that might have been put up in the history of music (or so).

After the intro song, which is propaganda over spazzy rhythms and harmonies (featuring Morgan Ågren, no less!), the styles come and go, follow each other in lines coming from every corner of the Americas. Bluegrass, jazz, funk, etc. etc. etc.

Each song is different from the next one, so you really don’t know what to expect, and at times you’re left paralyzed, not knowing what to do. That’s just how impressive these gents … Read more