What is coming in 2015, and what do we hope to hear?

Now that 2014 is well behind us (well, almost), it’s time to look at what 2015 promises.

First of all, Becca Stevens‘ new album, Perfect Animal is supposed to hit us in February, after being released in Japan in fall of 2014. And since Weightless was a gorgeous and soothing album, I expect no less from her new baby.

Warp Prism‘s scifi djent is truly awesome, and it’s been proven with three full-length releases already! Now, Anima is scheduled to be released late this year. It seems so distant, but we will … Read more

Disappointments of 2014

As everybody, me included, made their best of 2014 list, I think that nobody (well, almost) has written about what disappointed them that year. And there’s plenty of stuff that disappointed me! My only guess is that they are afraid of the hate coming from fans of said disappointing bands/albums. But I don’t care! I’m here to tell the truth. Well, my opinion, rather, if you’re inclined to hear it.

So here we go. Here’s the stuff that disappointed me in 2014.

First off, Extinction Level Event was a big let-down. Three bass players with a core … Read more

List: 2014’s latecomers and stuff we missed

Hey, back in early December I made my most best of the year’s list, but I knew some albums were still to come, and that I’ll become aware of other great records that were released this year but weren’t featured there.

So here we go!

Zorbas Crisol – Criollo EP
Gabriel wrote a review on the Chilean band, and I’ve fallen in love myself! Zorbas Crisol are unpredictable, talented, and varied. I have to say that saxophone-imbued math rock/metal is not found everywhere, and it’s really great to have that somewhere! I can’t wait for them to release … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: What you missed in November

We’ve put together the best 4 albums of this month, and they’re the 4 ones you should definitely get if you have the chance!

First up is Blood & Banjos‘ debut self-titled album. The uncanny mix of bluegrass and various styles of metal, from metalcore to black metal, is actually really freaking good! You can grab this amazing album on the band’s website and support the band, or otherwise on our bandcamp page.

Secondly, the outstanding [mostly-]instrumental progressive rock album Polymorphism, by Mammoth. The album is really instrumentally strong, and the one song with vocals … Read more