Monthly Recommendations: What you missed in November

We’ve put together the best 4 albums of this month, and they’re the 4 ones you should definitely get if you have the chance!

First up is Blood & Banjos‘ debut self-titled album. The uncanny mix of bluegrass and various styles of metal, from metalcore to black metal, is actually really freaking good! You can grab this amazing album on the band’s website and support the band, or otherwise on our bandcamp page.

Secondly, the outstanding [mostly-]instrumental progressive rock album Polymorphism, by Mammoth. The album is really instrumentally strong, and the one song with vocals on it is really, really good too and doesn’t stand out from the others because it has vocals on. You can read our full review here, and grab the album on the band’s bandcamp, or on our own, too!

Then, if you feel like a bit of weird out-of-the-box uncategorizable [and yet I do categorize it as] experimental rock, Deux Pouilles En Cavale‘s sophomore release Tambour Et Temps Morts is really the album to go for, lately. Read our full review here, and grab the album on their bandcamp page!

Finally, the unmissable and known-by-all Citadel, by the acclaimed Aussies Ne Obliviscaris. Their latest album is yet another iteration of their personal take on progressive black metal. Violin and blast beats, horror and contemplation, hideous and beautiful. That is all you need to know, it is really freaking great. Grab it on Season of Mist’s bandcamp page!

That’s it for November. At the end of December, we’ll make December’s recommendations, but also a list of 2014 [in no particular order].