What is coming in 2015, and what do we hope to hear?

Now that 2014 is well behind us (well, almost), it’s time to look at what 2015 promises.

First of all, Becca Stevens‘ new album, Perfect Animal is supposed to hit us in February, after being released in Japan in fall of 2014. And since Weightless was a gorgeous and soothing album, I expect no less from her new baby.

Warp Prism‘s scifi djent is truly awesome, and it’s been proven with three full-length releases already! Now, Anima is scheduled to be released late this year. It seems so distant, but we will be patient, and spin The Infinite II again and again in the meantime.

Not so far away, now, is Pryapisme‘s new EP Futurologie, which will surely blow us away like the Frenchies’ two previous releases. February is so close, but yet so far!

Also in February is Տիգրան Համասյան (Tigran Hamasyan)‘s new album, Mockroot. And, as the teasers have shown, it will be awesome!

Australian progressive metalcore band Slice The Cake announced Odyssey To The West, a sure-to-be enthralling listen that’s already beyond hype but… we’ll let the music speak for itself, in March!

Newly-formed supergroup Alkaloid promises the ” world’s most extreme prog metal”, and we definitely hope they deliver on that promise! The first song sounds promising, let’s just hope the rest of the album is at least as good.

Italy’s post-BTBAM Amia Venera Landscape teased their next album Visions with a short and atmospheric teaser. Their latest full-length The Long Procession was really an enjoyable album so we’re stoked for new music!

Electro-metalcore Russians at Mad Essence are working on their upcoming album Rehumanization! If this single is any indication, the album’s gonna be killer!

With a lineup as killer as this, it’s hard to not embark on the hype train and be carried away completely. However, we’ll try to be level-headed and we’ll impatiently wait for this fucking masterpiece to shine down upon us oh lord I’m not worthy.

Now that’s something that will sound brutal AF: Coma Cluster Void. If the use of the 10=string Agile guitar wasn’t enough, well, let the music speak for itself in the video below. Just… wow!

The globally revered band Painted In Exile is scheduled to deliver us their first full-length album this year! Oh… my… GOD!

Now speaking of 10 string guitars, here’s one that is just majestic, for the brutal tech death grind band Acheode whose 2012 album Anxiety is still spinning quite regularly, when something meaty is needed! There’s no official statement on the new album yet, but seeing as almost three years have passed, and that this new axe has arrived…

Our friend at The Gabriel Construct is working sleeplessly on new music for an album to come out this year! As he said, we should expect pretty varied stuff, from Zappa and Mr. Bungle-esque tunes to straight-on pop songs! Interesting…

Axon-Neuron‘s eclectic 9-string guitar metallic jazz kind of thing make us happy, and we’ve recently got news that a new album’s coming our way! As well as remixes of their two previous ones! Now where’s that music at?

Everyone’s favourite prog death band’s working on something new for 2015! Not much info has leaked, but we sure will keep our ears peeled!

From now on, we pretty much enter into speculation territory. Since Andromeda‘s two previous released were in 2008 and 2011, it would lead us to think that a new album had to come out in 2014, but… nothing yet so, maybe 2015? Let’s hope so!

The chance of hearing something new from Empirine this year is pretty high, since they’ve released something each year since 2011. We’ll just have to wait.

It’s already been almost two years since Ever Forthright teased us to the bone with this Riot: Part I song, and I thought the album would come soon after… Well, let’s hope this year’s the one!

Gigan‘s latest albums came out in 2011 and 2013 so… 2015 maybe? *fingers crossed*

Following the same logic, we should have been graced with a new Indukti album in 2014, but were stripped of this privilege. Let’s just hope for 2015, because Indukti are deities in the progressive metal world.

There are talks of a new Journal album coming our way pretty soon, but like a civilization-killing asteroid in deep space, it’s pretty hard to spot, and when we do, it’s already too late. This is a big deal because Unlorja was the crème de la crème in tech-death-grind-math-prog-metal.

We’re also long overdue for a new album from The Odious. Believe it or not, Joint Ventures came out in 2012! Get to work, guys!

Serious Beak made it a resolution to release an album this year. This is pretty solid info, right?

New Spiral Architect in 2015? Well, that’s high fantasy stuff, but since the guys have been working on it on and off (more off than on, according to drummer Asgeir), and in 2011 they had about an hour’s worth of material and planned on working more intensely on it, I believe that 2015 will be the year that all this work will come to fruition! Please remind me of my prediction success or failure throughout the year!

My band vod will be releasing a full-length this year, hopefully in February! It’s gonna be a CD’s worth (80 minutes) of music, progressive post-metal with slight death metal and grindcore influences.

So… I think I’ve covered all that I’m excited for this year. Now, what are you excited for! Comment below and tell us what we missed!

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