They the artists! Rejectionary Art – Exocoetidae : Flying Fish

Like their band’s name so brilliantly puts it, Rejectionary Art puts aside any convention that might have been put up in the history of music (or so).

After the intro song, which is propaganda over spazzy rhythms and harmonies (featuring Morgan Ågren, no less!), the styles come and go, follow each other in lines coming from every corner of the Americas. Bluegrass, jazz, funk, etc. etc. etc.

Each song is different from the next one, so you really don’t know what to expect, and at times you’re left paralyzed, not knowing what to do. That’s just how impressive these gents are!

Firstly, that’s REALLY not what I was waiting for (listen to their previous album, Butterfly, to know what I’m talking about). The previous one is literally FILLED with metal, it’s heavy, intricate, and bloody good (while being challenging to the listener). This one, while remaining top quality music, is barely metal at all!

Hear me out, I am NOT disappointed at all, Rejectionary Art just provided me (and you all) with about an hour of incredible music spanning a handful of musical genres! That’s not like your typical progressive metal band where you’re like “Oh here it’s clearly more power metal, while this part is clealy death metal with hints of thrash…” This is more like country, after funk, after jazz, after bluegrass, etc.

There are quite a bunch of stellar features on this release, too! If you don’t know who Al Pimentel or Dane Markanson, Jesse Malley, Luca Spanio, Gianni and Loyse Rosati or Oliver Vaid are, maybe you’ll be more familiar with the names Morgan Ågren or Marco Minnemann! The latter one contributing on two songs!

Listening to a Rejectionary Art album is a feast for the melomaniac. That new one will please the more musically extroverted of us all. If you want metal, listen to the last song of this album, and their previous album, but if you just want bloody good music, you can put the album(s) on repeat indefinitely.

Get this album (it’s clearly lacking to your collection), and like those geniuses on facebook!

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    nice this!