Let’s sink the austerity boat! Peculate – Fiscal Cliffs

Today’s the day I can repent from not talking to you more about the exceptional peculiarity that is the awesome one-man band Peculate.

What struck me at first with this band is Ben’s voice. Wow, dude! How versatile can a singer be, this guy nails it! From a plethora of screamings and growlings to a broad singing range, Ben will use what fits the music or atmosphere best most of the time! On top of that, his vocal melodies, harmonies and rhythmic patterns are pretty fucked up if you ask me. I don’t remember listening to any other band that has the same approach on vocal duties! Hat off! (for a demonstration of his vocal skills, listen to the beginning of “There’s Money in Blood”)

The instrumental sections are not to disregard either! “Avant-garde experimentalist progressive metal”, and you immediately know what to prepare for. Often fast stochastic rhythms with technical licks, interspaced by chamber music or orchestral pieces (or jazz, fugue, etc.), all filled with crazy angry screams, or just plain mad vocal harmonies.

Peculate has quite a few short albums released since March of this year, that’s to say how productive he is! But Fiscal Cliffs is definitely his most well-done. I think it’s the one that gathers the most styles together, and still manage to deliver a consistent piece of pie. (mmm… pie)
Recurrent themes and patterns throughout, Fiscal Cliffs is rather close to be a 30 minute epic, divided into 8 parts (of pie), but each song can be listened to and appreciated independently.

If you’re pro-austerity programs, or fragile-eared, this album’s not for you. For everyone else, this is the album you dreamt of. Enjoy.
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2 comments on Let’s sink the austerity boat! Peculate – Fiscal Cliffs

  1. Ryan says:

    Love this Band! Wicked!!