Deux Pouilles En Cavale – Tambour Et Temps Morts

Experimental Frenchy rockers Deux Pouilles En Cavale serve us their second meal; after their eponymous breakfast LP and short lunch of an EP, here comes the dinner. With a fancy name like Tambour Et Temps Morts, or “Drum And Time-Outs” (it really sounds fancier in French but what doesn’t?), we are to expect a royal meal, and we, weird-music lovers, are truly served!

First off, the kitchen has employed two new cooks since their first album, bringing the number of musicians to that of a quatuor! Yes, their debut album showcased only two individuals, which is quite hard to believe when you hear it, and for having seen them live back then, it’s a sight to behold! I have to say however that the core musicians stay the same, and the two newcomers seem much more replaceable, being only credited guest spots on certain songs. The angry yet absurd (yes, I believe that exists) music is schizophrenic, bipolar (it’s much more multipolar than that, I must say), taking many different influences from the likes of Zappa and other musical weirdos, and branding them with Molière’s tongue, frustratedly shouted at the microphone, and accompanied by eclectic music, ranging from beautiful music to not-so-beautiful music, but with the most of it being aggressively played progressive rock music with insane riffs in unusual time signatures and fast tempos.

Tambour Et Temps Morts is really a gem in the experimental rock scene, it’s well-crafted and its use of the French language, which some might consider an additional oddity, adds a layer of mystery, or at least a hint of exoticism – for those not part of the francophonie. Those who speak natively French will find something rather rare here nowadays, and will only like it more because of it, but if you’re not, the music still has a lot of chance of convincing you to listen to this album!