Itzamna – Metnal

D’you like jazz? Of course you do! D’you like metal? Of course you do! Itzamna is all about that! France sure has some awesome music to send us, and we gladly accept another newcomer in our music gallery!

Instead of taking djent and adding a few jazz touches to it, I think Itzamna went the other way around: taking jazz compositions and peppering them with a little bit of djent and other metal spices. Saint André must be the harshest song on display on their EP, Metnal, but it still isn’t what you’d call “djent” in a common metalheads reunion; it’s much more jazzy than djenty, although both styles definitely can be heard all over the song – and all over the album, too! It’s also the longest song in there, allowing them to vary the soundscapes, even including a beautiful sax solo near the end, now a somewhat trademark of what could be called “djazz™”.

Kiska has much more of a summer feel to it, and is also quite lower on the djent scale™. Like I said, Metnal isn’t a jazzy djent album, but rather a djenty jazz album. There’s nothing too crazy going on, but it’s definitely a good listen focused on the musicians and the fun-to-play™ factor.

Metnal is a great EP from a newborn band! This only bodes well for the future of their music!