Well, twenty-twenty has been a year. I’m not here to cover what’s happened outside of music so don’t worry, but one thing COVID-19 couldn’t stop is the relentless tides of music. It did, however, slow them down somewhat, but people cope, adapt, create nonetheless, and, in the end, borne art into the world.

I reviewed, or rather recommended, 175 albums released in 2020; all formats included, I’ve tracked 2,853 releases! Compare this to 2019’s 2,589 and you can see how this is one domain almost untouched by the pandemic. Last year, I had the brilliant idea of putting together a top-2019 of 2019, this year, I’m going to keep it more realistic.

To the 175 albums I wrote about, I added some I didn’t write about but about which I had good memories, raising that number to 250. Yes, I am aware that putting all of those albums in one post would be absurd, and in the end detrimental to my goal, which is to trick you into listening to music most people wouldn’t. Therefore, I went through the list and selected only the albums about which I still had a strong feeling of liking them. It’s far from a perfect system; when you listen to so much music in a year that you barely have time to listen to the same album twice if you like it, you forget things along the way, as the albums don’t have time to leave a deep enough impression on you. So, what I have here might not even be the albums I liked the most out of 2020! Simply put, it’s the albums I remember the most. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that while the year is over, my discovery of albums from 2020 is far from done! For example, I’m still waiting on my copy of the Japanese progressive death metal act 五人一首, which didn’t release outside of Japan!

While this list is rather succinct, I think it’s of great quality, and I really want you all to listen to every single one of the albums on this list, because I really feel like they are essential listens, experiences of pure joy on their own. It’s not a ranked list, it’s in chronological order, there really are no favourites here. With that said, I hope you’ll enjoy what I curated for you.

Cocanha – Puput (Pagans)

I fell in love with the Occitan folk trio Cocanha with their previous album, I ès ?, and only fell deeper with the release of Puput. The three women sing with energy and euphoria polyphonic compositions in the folkloric tradition, accompanying themselves with hands, feet, and stringed tambourine. They also like to experiment with temperament from time to time, and voice is the best instrument to experiment with when you control it so masterfully. Case in point: move to about 2:20 in “La sovenença” and rejoice in the beautifully horrific harmony there!

2021 take: I still go to this album from time to time for a festive, upbeat, and folky good time. It never got far off in my head, and it’s always a pleasure to go back to it.


You read that right: Georgian Microjamz is exactly what you think it is! Giorgi Mikadze, the keyboard player in 2017’s album of the century, Mikrojazz!, is back with boundaries-breaking new music. ႵႠႰႧႳႪႨ ႫႨႩႰႳႿႤႫႨ (Kartuli mik’rujemi) / Georgian Microjamz is a fusion of avant-garde jazz and traditional Georgian music. The fact that all of this album is designed and performed using xenharmonic theory is just mind-boggling. The various temperaments exploited on there are not just a gimmick, but truly serve the compositions. Thanks to guitarist David Fiucziyski and bassist Παναγιώτης Ανδρέου (Panagiṓtēs Andréou), who break no sweat burning through these unconventional tunings, the band is complete with masters of the craft. The album comes out on February 28, be sure to grab it, and be ready to see it on the year’s end list!

2021 take: I was right! It’s on my list! That album still is a creative masterpiece.

David Hertzberg – The Wake World (צ)

The Wake World is a new contemporary opera work by composer David Hertzberg. It’s a surreal and hypnotizing musical journey on two discs that starts up relatively slowly, but ends up being quite astonishing and gripping. It’s difficult to put such a massive and ethereal piece into more words, so I strongly suggest you watch this video and listen to the whole thing for yourself. Sit down comfortably, put your headphones on or plug in a good sound system, and let yourself sink into this magical experience. I’ll end with a quote.

I think the opera is pretty whacky.

— David Hertzberg

2021 take: I haven’t been into opera much, this year, but this one was always on my mind. It’s such a surreal, psychedelic experience at times that it defies the mind. Truly a life-changing work.

Serpents of Pakhangba – Serpents of Pakhangba

Serpents of Pakhangba is the latest project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Vishal J Singh, of Amogh Symphony fame. This new quartet errs into the sounds of avant-prog, noise rock, and free jazz, and the coalescing result of this bizarre amalgamation is truly more than the sum of its parts. The album comes out late May!

2021 take: I’m glad that this project exists. It’s quirky, innovative, and challenging, and it’s also a whole lot of fun! I already can’t wait for more.

باب لبلوز / ⴱⴰⴱ ⵍ ⴱⵍⵓⵣNayda! (Real World)

Moroccan “new Gnawa” group Bab L’ Bluz‘s debut album, Nayda!, is a modern interpretation and hybridization of traditional Gnawa music with psychedelia, pop, and funk, and the resulting product is utterly infectious and intoxicating! There are a few slower, mellower songs more typical of desert blues, but a large portion of the record is highly energetic, made to dance or bob your head in trance. Every one of the ten tracks here are masterfully thought out and executed, presenting us with a flawless album that both pays homage and challenges its roots and paves the way for something new and transcendental.

2021 take: That’s one of the albums I’ve listened to the most, that’s for sure! It’s just like velcro to your ear, it sticks!

Washed Out – Purple Noon (Sub Pop)

2021 take: I haven’t written about this album in 2020! I guess I figured it was too mainstream or well established already so they wouldn’t really benefit from my meagre exposure, but here is their album on my year-end list! Purple Noon is another album that got a lot of spins, the band’s shoegazy atmospheric pop is delicate and perfectly put together. It’s a great album to sing along to (a rare sight on this site!)

Jacob Collier – Djesse, Volumes 1 to 3 (Decca (UMO))

ⅩⅪ century musical genius Jacob Collier is back with the third instalment of his Djesse suite. On Volume 3, Jacob explores contemporary, so-called urban, music—whereas 1 was a foray in jazz fusion, and 2 had stronger folk music vibes—with pop, R&B, rap, and funk heavily represented. In this new turn of events, there are a lot of influences crisscrossed all throughout each composition, which usually have unusual song structures, which often include very short passages of other genres, making them almost seem like a musical collage or mosaic (listen to “In My Bones” for a good example of what I’m talking about here). The result is an engrossing and utterly venomous record that will get stuck in your head for a while.

2021 take: I don’t like to idolize anyone, but Jacob Collier is an exceptional musician. I’m not blindly in awe in front of everything he does and every word he speaks, but most of the things he does musically are very impressive and really good. Case in point, three completely different albums that are all essential listens of 2020.

Orchestre national de jazz – Rituels (ONJ)

I jokingly referred to the album as “jazzeuhl” on our inside group, but there is definitely some truth to that. The Orchestre national de jazz from Paris, France—not the Texas one—regroups some of the country’s best jazz musicians and composers. They usually play the relatively standard repertoire of jazz, or pieces rather like it, but since 2018 the orchestra is under the direction of Frédéric Maurin, renowned for his eccentric and ambitious projects. Thus, in 2020, we find ourselves with a double release from the ONJ: the aforementioned Rituels, and the more standardly typical Dancing in Your Head(s) (which we won’t discuss). Rituels is a massive and quasi-hallucinogenic ninety-minute auditory experience reminding one of many of Zeuhl’s unique traits as a genre, as well as some exploratory classical composers like Чайко́вский (Tchaikovski) and Gershwin. It’s a rapturous ritual, best gone through in one sitting, basking in it, letting it flow through you and alter you completely. One of the year’s best albums.

2021 take: If there was only one album I’d keep from this list, this would be it.

Beaten to Death – Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos (Mas-Kina)

Beaten to Death have been generally very difficult to categorize, but I think I’ve got just the right term for them: post-grindcore. Yeah, it’s new, but I think it conveys the band’s sound better than anything else I’ve come across. Their brand of music is relentless, heavy, hectic, and sometimes dissonant, but it’s also very melodic, sometimes atmospheric, and also pays great attention to harmonic progression. Their newest project is the Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos album, which is “vinyl only” and “will never be sent out for promotional or press reviews”. Well, one month after I ordered my copy of the vinyl, I received a promotional copy of the album (not the vinyl, not yet)! Well, I guess they meant that only for the vinyl mix, then? Anyway, the digital version of the album will be split into four EPs, each representing a forest: Mastbos, 青木ヶ原 (Aokigahara), Østmarka, and Endor (yes, the Star Wars one!) Each one will be released two weeks apart, starting on November 13 all the way to December 24. This is some of BTD’s best material to date (and their material is always fantastic), so be hyped for when this hits!

2021 take: These Norwegians really are something! An extreme album from beginning to end, and it’s so good to be hit by it.

Cut the Alligator – Niopee’s Call (Musiques têtues)

And now for something different… Cut the Alligator is a French ten-member funk band redolent of the seventies, but with a definitely modern twist. It’s not usually the type of album that’s featured on this website, though we’re not new to funk, but I was so enthralled by the utterly infectious grooves and melodies that I just had to share my complete enjoyment with everyone! Do you long for a stellar album to jam and bring good vibes with it? Look no further.

2021 take: This album helped me more than once remain awake when night driving. It’s soo groovy!

Liturgy – Origin of the Alimonies

I will never claim to fully grasp Liturgy‘s convoluted world and cosmogony, but I’ll repeat my love and admiration for its music. With Origin of the Alimonies, I think we’ve got their most diverse and mature collection of works yet. It’s got more atmospheric passages, heightened by a rather large cast of musicians, still some electronic manipulation (glitches and repeats, for example), and a good deal of rhythmic intricacies. It might just be my favourite Liturgy record!

2021 take: My favouritism towards this album has only widened the more I listened to it. Which is, admittedly, not as much as other albums on this list, but I always managed to be impressed every time I went back to it.

Сва да раЗареница

Ukrainian folk-djent project Сва да ра (Sva da ra) just released two albums on the same day! Here, I won’t talk about Pilgrim; although it’s nice and all, it’s Зареница (Zarenica / Zarenitsa) that steals the spotlight. As always, it’s singer Юлия Шевель (Julija Ševel’)’s presence that is on top of it all. Her voice and technique are beautiful and flawless, and gracefully put in the spotlight thanks to Денис Зубарев (Denis Zubarev)’s compositions and recordings. It’s a perfect way to get into Eastern European folk music, from a metal point of view.

2021 take: A strong and memorable album that got quite a lot of plays from me! It’s melodic and heavy, and while there’s room for improvement that can be imagined on repeated listens, it’s a solid record that bodes well for the future of the band.

五人一首死人賛歌 (Bang the Head)

Note: this video is a performance from the band’s debut album, released in 2000.

Japanese avant-garde death metal legend 五人一首—thereafter Gonin-ish—has released a new full-length album, some fifteen years after their magnum opus 内視鏡世界 (Naishikyō sekai), released in 2005. However, it’s not as clear-cut. Indeed, their new album, 死人賛歌 (Shibito sanka)—translated loosely as Dead Hymn—was released on December 9, but only in Japan. Moreover, nowhere is there any sort of stream to be found, not even a little teaser or trailer! So, you’ll have to trust my word and judge based on almost twenty-year-old videos. Thankfully, you can find their sophomore release on streaming services. But now, let’s talk about Shibito sanka. Gonin-ish is known for their wild and energetic performance, eclectic compositions, and special blend of harsh vocals and Japanese folk-influenced melodies. On top of that, one of the remarkable features of the band is their use of piano to supplement the dense aural world they create. Well, all of these elements are back, and, finally, with a production worthy of the music. Before Shibito sanka, Gonin-ish’s production seemed rough and often seemed to peak on record, which was to the detriment of the listening experience. However, on this new album, I haven’t heard any peak, although there is plenty of compression going on, and the mix and overall production is done with the greatest care and suits well the band, even though I’d personally favour a more organic and dynamic production. Finally, I’ll retroactively include Shibito sanka on my 2020 AOTY list; it’s that good! If you want it, however, you’ll need to import it from Japan and wait a few weeks for delivery, and that’s quite unfortunate. Give music to the people!


That’s already it? Yeah, I guess! I know I’ve accustomed you all to an absurd amount of music, but what’s here really is the best of the best of the bestest. Tell me what you think about my list, and what your album(s) of the year is/are!


Yeah I couldn’t resist, here’s all the 250 albums I’ve loved this year. No embeds but links and all! Cheers!

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EkmelesA Howl, that Was Also a Prayer (New Focus) [contemporary classical] Bandcamp Review

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16-17Phantom Limb (Trost) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Victory over the SunA Tessitura of Transfiguration [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Tiny PlanetTiny Planet [progressive rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Plastic DogsGrowl [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

Aiming for EnrikeMusic for Working Out (Pekula) [math rock, noise rock] Bandcamp

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An AndersonRude Unraveling [progressive rock, math rock] Bandcamp

Galia SocialPart 1: The Rise of Galia [progressive rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp

PestilengthEilatik (Red Door) [avant-garde death metal] Bandcamp

Frank Macchia & Brock AveryRhythm Abstraction: Azure (Cacophony) [jazz fusion, progressive rock] Deezer

Cthulhu RiseLast [progressive rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp

ThermohalineThermohaline [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp

John ZornBeyond Good and Evil ([צ (Tzadik)]) [avant-garde jazz] Label page

Nero di MarteImmoto (Season of Mist) [progressive post-metal] Bandcamp Review

StarfruitWild West Combat [avant-pop] Bandcamp Review

Thy CatafalqueNaiv (Season of Mist) [progressive rock] Bandcamp

Tricot[真っ黒 (Makkuro / Pitch Black)] (Avex Entertainment) [math rock] Spotify

Baraque à freeBaraque à free [experimental jazz, free jazz] Bandcamp Review

The ConjurationGospel [avant-garde death metal] Bandcamp Review

AnomaliaAnomalia (Multikulti Project) [modern jazz] Bandcamp Review

LentCroix-bâtons (Tricollectif) [experimental post-rock] Bandcamp Review

Listo listo listoListo listo listo (TVL) [free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

WonderbachLumière, Eau et Minéraux (Collectif Coax) [modern jazz] Bandcamp Review

ThorenGwarth Ⅱ (Drylands) [avant-garde death metal] Bandcamp

SecL’Aventure complète de George Gallamus [avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

Doctor NerveLoud [experimental jazz, noise] Bandcamp Review

[武士 (Bushi)]The Flawless Avenger (Infinity Entertainment) [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

MasaaIrade (Traumton) [world fusion] Bandcamp Review

PhononAlloy (Zoar Music) [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp Review

FloralFloral [math rock] Bandcamp Review

MeganekoEclipse [electrocore] Bandcamp

SyzygyXendeavor One [experimental electro] Bandcamp Review

CocanhaPuput (Pagans) [world, folk] Bandcamp Review

Sightless PitGrave of a Dog (Thrill Jockey) [experimental sludge metal, noise] Bandcamp

ÇubOuais (Vox Project) [avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

The Motion MosaicAvant-Garbage [mathcore] Bandcamp

Psalm ZeroSparta (Last Things) [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

Soul FleshRoad to Nara: A Cow Calves at Spring’s Last Day [progressive black metal] Bandcamp Review

YaldabaothThat which Whets the Saccharine Palate (Lycaean Triune) [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

[ႢႨႭႰႢႨ ႫႨႵႠႻႤ (Giorgi Mikadze)][ႵႠႰႧႳႪႨ ႫႨႩႰႳႿႤႫႨ (Kartuli mik’rujemi / Georgian Microjamz)] (Rare Noise) [avant-garde jazz, folk] Bandcamp Review

Jon HatamiyaMore Than Anything (Orenda) [modern jazz, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

KilterAxiom (Alter-Nativ) [experimental jazz, progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

SliftUmmon (Vicious Circle) [krautrock] Bandcamp Review

Je’rafThrow Neck (Amalgam) [modern jazz, hip-hop] Bandcamp Review

Ill Considered9: East/West (CNM LDN) [experimental jazz, spiritual jazz] Bandcamp

Tyshawn SoreyUnfiltered (Pi) [modern jazz] Bandcamp Review

Y/NPart Ⅰ: It’s Glass [experimental pop] Bandcamp Review

Ground PatrolGeophone (Art as Catharsis) [math rock, post-rock] Bandcamp Review

SouphlCommérages [experimental death metal] Bandcamp Review

Dai Kaht [zeuhl] Bandcamp Review

The Archetypal SyndicateNon Locality (Gigantonium) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Horse LordsThe Common Task (Northern Spy) [experimental rock, avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

Immortal OnionXD: Experience Design [nu jazz] Bandcamp Review

OrchardsLovecore (Big Scary Monsters) [indie rock, math rock] Bandcamp

Brian MarsellaGatos do sul ([צ (Tzadik)]) [jazz fusion] Video

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Aeternam[القسم (Al-qsm)] [progressive death metal] Bandcamp

AmnutsebaEmanatism (Iron Bonehead) [atmospheric black metal] Bandcamp Review

ArtúsCerc (Pagans) [avant-garde metal, folk] Bandcamp Review

LuoUnspoken [djent, IDM] Bandcamp Review

Patrick ShiroishiDescension (Thin Wrist) [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp Review

Ted ByrnesTactility (Arkeen) [contemporary classical, free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

WakeDevouring Ruin (Translation Loss) [deathgrind] Bandcamp

ZanBehold the Key (Black House) [mathcore] Bandcamp Review

Bolt GunBegotten (Art as Catharsis) [blackened doom metal] Bandcamp Review

Yves TumorHeaven to a Tortured Mind (Warp) [alternative pop, R&B] Bandcamp

Sitar MetalSitar Metal [progressive metal] Bandcamp

CataèdesLes Affæmmées : Contes d’outre-amante (Antiq) [experimental folk] Bandcamp

Project 206Volatile [avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

Rejoice! The Light Has ComeUntitled (Transcending) [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Agamemnon MoustakasExaggerations [free improvisation] Bandcamp

Cursed MantisCursed Mantis [experimental grindcore, synthwave] Bandcamp Review

Oranssi PazuzuMestarin kynsi (Nuclear Blast) [progressive black metal] Bandcamp

[आभास (Ābhāsa)][१ (Eka)] (Mystic Timbre) [post-metal, sludge] Bandcamp Review

Frank Macchia & Brock AveryRhythm Abstraction: Gold (Cacophony) [jazz fusion] Deezer

Stuart McCowanThe Perfect Nemesis [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Bec plexusSticklip (New Amsterdam) [experimental pop, progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

CassowaryCassowary (Fat Possum) [nu jazz, funk] Bandcamp

David HertzbergThe Wake World ([צ (Tzadik)]) [opera, contemporary classical] Label page Review

Glass MuseumReykjavík (Sdban) [modern jazz] Bandcamp Review

James George Thirlwell & Simon SteenslandOscillospira (Ipecac) [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

Tashi Dorji & Tyler DamonTo Catch a Bird in a Net of Wind (Trost) [free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

UlcerateStare into Death and Be Still (Dēbēmur mortī) [blackened death metal] Bandcamp

WaresSurvival (Mint) [alternative rock, noise rock] Bandcamp Review

Tom NamiasStuck in the Middle [progressive metal, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Emme PhyzemaA Series of Related Dreams [avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

KarmacipherIntrospectrum (Infree) [avant-garde death metal] Bandcamp Review

TuscomaDiscourse [blackened post-metal] Bandcamp

The Hirsch EffektKollaps (Long Branch) [progressive metal, mathcore] Bandcamp

ErrataMany People Are Unenthusiastic about Your Work (Gilded) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Brendan ByrnesRealism (Split-Notes) [experimental pop] Bandcamp Review

Sebastien Ammann’s Color WheelResilience [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Dumb WaiterTsk [math rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Moses SumneyGræ (Jagjaguwar) [art rock, pop] Bandcamp Review

MugaChants de femmes des Asturies (Pagans) [folk] Bandcamp Review

Francesca Vincentie(Om än) i bitar, ändå hel [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Shadow in the DarknessErstwhile Befell [technical death metal] Bandcamp Review

Fast-FastNew Color Bomb [experimental pop] Bandcamp Review

[ᚪᚱᛊᛏᛁᛞᛁᚱ᛬ᛚᛁᚠᛊᛁᚾᛊ (Árstíðir lífsins)]Saga á tveim tungum Ⅱ : Eigi fjǫll né firðir [atmospheric black metal] Bandcamp Review

Caligula’s HorseRise Radiant (Inside Out) [progressive metal] Video

[चेपाङ्ग (Cēpāṅga / Chepang)][भुईचालो / चट्ट (Bhu’īcālō / Caṭṭa / Chatta!)] (Nerve Altar) [grindcore] Bandcamp Review

Michael HerschI Hope We Get a Chance to Visit Soon (New Focus) [contemporary classical] Bandcamp Review

MonoglotMake (Hout) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Witch & MonkWitch & Monk ([צ (Tzadik)]) [experimental rock, world fusion] Bandcamp Review

Taylor Batory ProjectSpacelike [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

Serpents of PakhangbaSerpents of Pakhangba [avant-prog, world fusion] Bandcamp Review

WavetellerWaveteller (Interplay) [modern jazz, nu jazz] Bandcamp Review

Prudent PrimateAphelion [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

[باب لبلوز / ⴱⴰⴱ ⵍ ⴱⵍⵓⵣ (Bāb lblwz / Bab L Bluz / Bab L’ Bluz)]Nayda! (Real World) [world fusion, gnawa] Bandcamp Review

The CentralDentist [mathcore] Bandcamp Review

OrtImagine: Being an Animal [math rock, post-hardcore] Bandcamp Review

AnatrofobiaCanto fermo (Aut) [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp Review

[كميليا جبران (Kmylyā Jbrān / Kamilya Jubran) & Werner Hasler[وَ (Wa)] (Akuphone) [experimental electro, world fusion] Bandcamp

NihiloxicaKaloli (Crammed Discs) [world fusion, experimental electro] Bandcamp Review

Stephen Weigel[🎧👂🔜🖤💗📛🎲🎰🎮🥇🚴🌫👂👂💘 (Headphones Ear Soon with Arrow Black Heart Growing Heart Name Badge Game Die Slot Machine Video Game First Place Medal Bicyclist Fog Ear Ear Heart with Arrow / Top Secret)] [experimental electro] Bandcamp Review

Āversiō hūmānitātisBehold the Silent Dwellers (Dēbēmur mortī) [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp

Brandon Seabrook, Cooper-Moore, and Gerald CleaverExultations (Astral Spirits) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

IvanSilver Screens (Solitude) [atmospheric doom metal] Bandcamp

[شيران (Shyrān / Shiran)][جلسه صنعانيه مع شيران (Jlsh Ṣnʻānyh mʻ Shyrān / Glsah Sanaanea with Shiran)] (Batov) [world fusion] Bandcamp Review

Them Moose RushDancing Maze [progressive rock] Bandcamp

Maud the Moth[Ὀρφνή (Orphnḗ / Orphnē)] (Nooirax) [experimental folk] Bandcamp Review

Agrupación ChangóBerejú (Llorona) [folk, world] Bandcamp Review

ArcaKick Ⅰ (XL) [experimental electro, pop] Deezer

John ZornBaphomet ([צ (Tzadik)]) [avant-garde jazz] Label page Review

Klô PelgagNotre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs (Secret City) [art pop] Bandcamp Review

Neptunian MaximalismEons (I, Voidhanger) [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Pedro Melo AlvesIn Igma (Clean Feed) [avant-garde jazz] Deezer Review

Sanggar TripittakaNdag surye (Insitu) [contemporary gamelan] Bandcamp Review

TàlvegArbori [free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

AnimatistInverted [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

EhnahreThe Scrape of a Keel (Painted Throat) [drone, free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

Escaping AgharthaOceanic Womb [blackened post-metal] Bandcamp

Brian Krock’s LiddleViscera [jazz fusion] Bandcamp

NnamdïKrazy Karl [experimental math rock] Bandcamp Review

Potion & Those Darn GnomesSplit [free improvisation, noise] Bandcamp

Spike OrchestraSplintered Stories ([צ (Tzadik)]) [avant-garde jazz] Label page

[矢吹卓 (Yabuki Taku)]Modern World Symphony, Number 3 [avant-prog, jazz fusion] Bandcamp

ZantillaZantilla [chiptune] Bandcamp

Doom ShrugsAlbum 3 (Stupid Square) [experimental math rock, mathcore] Bandcamp

AalThe Only Path [progressive death metal] Bandcamp Review

AsēitāsFalse Peace (Translation Loss) [blackened death metal] Bandcamp Review

[Джена (Džena / Gena)][Чур меня (Čur menja)] ([Фузз и Дружжба (Fuzz i Družžba)]) [atmospheric post-metal] Bandcamp Review

The Rest Is SilenceA Short Film (Earshift Music) [post-rock, experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

World Sanguine ReportSkeleton Blush (Limited Noise) [avant-prog, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Zombieshark!I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved [cybergrind] Bandcamp Review

DaggersNeon Noir Erotica (Throatruiner) [post-hardcore] Bandcamp Review

XythliaImmortality through Quantum Suicide (I, Voidhanger) [avant-garde death metal] Bandcamp Review

Frank Macchia & Brock AveryRhythm Abstraction: Ruby [jazz fusion] Deezer Review

Needle PlayDeath by Dying [mathcore, grindcore] Bandcamp Review

Otis SandsjöY-Otis 2 (We Jazz) [electro-jazz] Bandcamp Review

Imperial TriumphantAlphaville (Century Media) [blackened death metal] Deezer

Thanya IyerKind (Topshelf) [indie jazz, pop] Bandcamp Review

[서수진 (Seo Sujin / Soojin Suh)] Coloris TrioColorist [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp Review

Chance [デラソウル (Derasōru)]Goodbye Future Funk (Business Casual) [future funk] Bandcamp

KralliceMass Cathexis [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp

Quinsin NachoffPivotal Arc (Whirlwind) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp Review

Sam Weinberg, Nicola L Hein, and Jason NazaryNihilartikels [free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

Washed OutPurple Noon (Sub Pop) [alternative pop] Bandcamp

Temple MistYe Invocatioun of Hys Kynge [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Camila NebbiaAura (Ears & Eyes) [free improvisation] Bandcamp Review

Jacob CollierDjesse, Volume 3 (Decca (UMO)) [funk, pop] Deezer Review

John HollenbeckSongs You Like a Lot [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp

Titan to TachyonsCactides (Nefarious Industries) [avant-garde metal] Bandcamp Review

HinterlandtSeven Tales (Art as Catharsis) [chamber music] Bandcamp Review

CytotoxinNuklearth (Unique Leader) [technical death metal] Bandcamp

Horse TorsoMikropianist [experimental math rock] Bandcamp Review

HumavoidLidless (Noble Demon) [progressive metalcore, djent] Bandcamp

Orchestre national de jazzRituels (ONJ) [avant-garde jazz, zeuhl] Deezer Review

Seven ChainsThus She Speaks, the Spiraling Maranatha (Conclave of the Bloodless Dawn) [avant-garde doom metal] Bandcamp Review

ExistEgoiista (Prosthetic) [progressive death metal] Bandcamp

[Տիգրան Համասյան (Tigran Hamasyan)]The Call Within (Nonesuch) [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

John Elmquist’s Hard Art GroopI Own an Ion [progressive rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Ghost RhythmsImaginary Mountains [jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

Corps fleurCorps fleur [post-black metal] Bandcamp Review

GrexEverything You Said Was Wrong (Geomancy) [experimental rock, hip-hop] Bandcamp Review

Leviathan OwlWould You Kindly [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

R’luhhLi [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Alpha du CentaureParalysis (Stellar Frequencies) [blackgaze] Bandcamp Review

BatheA Field Guide to Dead Birds [mathcore] Bandcamp Review

Mammal HandsCaptured Spirits (Gondwana) [nu jazz] Bandcamp

Kyler BossEntropic Fanstasy [progressive metal] Bandcamp

BaveSecret Peaks of Grief Mountain [math rock] Bandcamp Review

Art the BandArt the Band [jazz fusion, progressive rock] Bandcamp

Fawn LimbsSleeper Vessels (Dark Trail) [mathcore, grindcore] Bandcamp

PanzerballettPlanet Z (Gentle Art of Music) [progressive metal, jazz fusion] Deezer

Dan Weiss’s StarebabyNatural Selection (Pi) [experimental jazz] Bandcamp

WyxzOdyx ([צ (Tzadik)]) [avant-prog] Bandcamp Review

ZerpentsBlack Mold and Hot Springs ([面向異日 (Mīnghiàng ǐ rı̍g / Future Proof)]) [free improvisation, noise] Bandcamp Review

Clown CoreVan [jazzcore] Bandcamp Review

Shrouded SerenityThe Somnambulist [experimental black metal] Bandcamp Review

Beaten to DeathLaat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos [post-grindcore] Bandcamp Review

Sarah Kirkland Snider & GallicantusMass for the Endangered (New Amsterdam) [contemporary classical] Bandcamp Review

SvalbardWhen I Die, Will I Get Better? (Holy Roar) [blackened post-hardcore] Bandcamp

Layma AzurAdéu [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

SbonkLamizuk [avant-prog] Bandcamp

PolymorphieClaire Vénus (Compagnie 4000) [avant-garde jazz, progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

The Sound that Ends CreationMemes, Dreams, and Flying Machines [mathgrind] Bandcamp Review

SumacMay You Be Held (Thrill Jockey) [post-metal] Bandcamp

TermsAsbestos Mouth (Skin Graft) [experimental math rock] Bandcamp Review

Lésions gravesSymposium [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

Cut the AlligatorNiopee’s Call (Musiques têtues) [funk, soul] Bandcamp Review

AutocatalyticaPowerclashing Maximalism [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

Fred Pallem & le Sacre du tympanLes Fables de La Fontaine (Train fantôme) [jazz fusion] Bandcamp

Odessey & OracleCrocorama (Dur et Doux) [experimental pop, progressive rock] Bandcamp

The BrooksAny Day Now (Duprince) [funk] Bandcamp

ConvulsifExtinct (Hummus) [post-metal, jazzcore] Bandcamp Review

Rabbit JunkXenospheres [digital hardcore] Bandcamp

VultressHypnopompia [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

WobblerDwellers of the Deep (Karisma & Dark Essence) [progressive rock] Bandcamp

The Pneumatic TransitMagnetic Therapy, Volume Ⅰ [progressive rock, jazz fusion] Bandcamp Review

[आभास (Ābhāsa)][२ (Dvi)] [atmospheric black metal, post-metal] Bandcamp Review

BotanistPhotosynthesis (The Flenser) [experimental black metal] Bandcamp Review

Mr. BungleThe Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo (Ipecac / Liberator Music) [thrash metal] Deezer

AgonanistThe Cynicism of Solitude (Transylvanian Tapes) [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

FocusrightsEw, Music! [mathgrind] Bandcamp Review

EclectaOpen Other Doors (Tourbo Music) [avant-pop] Bandcamp Review

Nerest[善悪 (Zen’aku)] (Cancelled) [experimental electro, electroacoustic] Bandcamp Review

Old School Funky FamilyTonus ! [funk, Afrobeat] Bandcamp

The EndAllt är intet (Rare Noise) [avant-garde jazz] Bandcamp

Red FictionVisions of the Void ([צ (Tzadik)]) [experimental metal] Label page Review

Schnellertollermeier5 (Cuneiform) [jazz fusion, progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

Marshall ArtUltimate [progressive rock, VGM] Bandcamp

Cody CarpenterThe Legend of Ludrium [progressive rock, VGM] Bandcamp Review

Liquid DeathGreatest Hates, Volume 2 (Supplying Demand) [death metal] Deezer

Dirty LoopsPhoenix [jazz fusion, pop] Deezer

Fuck the FactsPleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation) [deathgrind] Bandcamp Review

LiturgyOrigin of the Alimonies [experimental black metal] Bandcamp Review

PliniImpulse Voices [nu prog] Bandcamp

SnoozeStill [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

[明日の叙景 (Asu no jokei)][すべてか弱い願い (Subete kayowai negai / Wishes)] [post-black metal] Bandcamp Review

CryptodiraThe Angel of History (Good Fight) [progressive death metal] Bandcamp Review

DawnwalkerAges [progressive metal] Bandcamp

Nova inceptaVisions of Arcadia [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

RespireBlack Line (Church Road) [post-black metal] Bandcamp Review

Show Me a DinosaurPlantgazer [blackgaze] Bandcamp Review

[Сва да ра (Sva da ra)][Зареница (Zarenica / Zarenitsa)] [progressive metal, folk] Bandcamp Review

James Mac GawLa Fin des temples (Soleil Zeuhl) [zeuhl] Bandcamp Review

[Джрс (Džrs / Jars)] [noise rock] Bandcamp Review

New Age DoomHimalayan Dream Techno (We Are Busy Bodies) [experimental drone metal] Bandcamp

ThrailkillDetach [progressive metal] Bandcamp Review

GjoadSamanōn (Antiq) [post-rock] Bandcamp Review

Nick Prol & the ProletariansAn Erstwisle Alphabestiary, Book One [progressive rock] Bandcamp Review

YaethMMXX [avant-garde black metal] Bandcamp Review

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