Xythlia, Zombieshark!, Daggers, and Frank Macchia & Brock Avery

Xythlia – Immortality through Quantum Suicide (I, Voidhanger)

Another great addition to the I, Voidhanger catalogue, the upcoming album from one-man band Xythlia is a twenty-four-minute conceptual journey of experimental technical deathgrind held by tight songwriting and frantic lyrics that go along with the sheer insanity of its sound. Fans of extreme metal music, definitely check this one out!

Zombieshark! – I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved

Do you miss the old days when cybergrind and nintendocore were blooming on pages like Myspace? Philadelphia’s Zombieshark! has you covered; if you don’t, give them a chance anyway! Blending those genres with pure chaos, dissonance and mayhem, this twenty-two-minute album might be intimidating at first glance, but it’s a real fun experience to hear.

Daggers – Neon Noir Erotica (Throatruinner)

Now this is something you don’t listen quite often! Crust punk with blues influences? Count me in. Hailing from Belgium, Daggers’s latest LP is definitely a beauty of its own with relentless guitars and drums, powerful basslines and gritty vocals that seal the deal. Dark and unpredictable, give them a listen!

Frank Macchia & Brock Avery – Rhythm Abstraction: Ruby (Cacophony)

The last part of the Rhythm Abstraction trilogy that started with January’s Azure and April’s Gold, this experimental jazz duo has already been recommended in the past for their approach at performing over drum solos, with their compositions capturing the big band sound yet adding psychedelic influences that take this experience to another level. Definitely worth checking out, it is one of the most surprising listens I’ve had this year.

On July 15 2020, this entry was posted.