Xythlia, Zombieshark!, Daggers, and Frank Macchia & Brock Avery

Xythlia – Immortality through Quantum Suicide (I, Voidhanger)

Another great addition to the I, Voidhanger catalogue, the upcoming album from one-man band Xythlia is a twenty-four-minute conceptual journey of experimental technical deathgrind held by tight songwriting and frantic lyrics that go along with the sheer insanity of its sound. Fans of extreme metal music, definitely check this one out!

Zombieshark! – I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved

Do you miss the old days when cybergrind and nintendocore were blooming on pages like Myspace? Philadelphia’s Zombieshark! has you covered; if you don’t, give them a chance anyway! … Read more

Ghost Bath – Starmourner

Ecstasy. Joy. Paradise. Cosmos. “A surrealistic journey through the heavens drenched in sorrow.” That’s how American blackgaze band Ghost Bath describes Starmourner, a direct sequel to a trilogy which started with their 2015 release Moonlover, a forty-two minute exploration on humanity’s melancholy and depression; it managed to be one of my favorite releases of that year due to the beauty encased within its dark sound. Two years later and signed to Nuclear Blast, one of metal’s biggest labels, Ghost Bath returns with the aforementioned Starmourner, their longest and most ambitious album to date, changing their topics to deliver … Read more