The New CTEBCM Compilation Album Is Here!

The simply titled 8 is a celebration of our eighth year of service, bringing you a total of one hundred and seventeen (117) songs from as many different artists and almost as many genres and musical styles!

The track order is alphabetical, so there are no favourites: the album starts with an amazing contemporary classical piece for voice, and ends with an incredible electro-math rock banger. In-between these extremes, you’ll find a wide range of compositions and improvisations from some of the best artists that were featured between 2019 and 2020 on our website!

I must thank everyone who graciously donated their music to make this compilation a reality and everyone who read the blog this year and interacted in some way. This has been an incredibly awesome journey, as ever, and this compilation is only a small taste of all the outstanding things that happened, musically, throughout the year! Thanks also to Jeanne Strieder of Magma Art & Sounds for the insane artwork, which represents the heterogeneous nature of the compilation wonderfully!

You can download the compilation for free by clicking “Buy Digital Album” and entering “0”. All donations will help us pay the various fees associated with keeping the website up and keep it ad-free.

I encourage you to support artists individually. Click on “lyrics” for each track to see a link to where you can buy the album. If you liked the track, go and support the artist!

On July 13 2020, this entry was posted.