Serpents of Pakhangba, Oscillospira, To Catch a Bird in a Net of Wind, Wares, Emme Phyzema, and Glass Museum

Serpents of Pakhangba – Serpents of Pakhangba

Serpents of Pakhangba is the latest project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Vishal J Singh, of Amogh Symphony fame. This new quartet errs into the sounds of avant-prog, noise rock, and free jazz, and the coalescing result of this bizarre amalgamation is truly more than the sum of its parts. The album comes out late May!

James George Thirlwell & Simon Steensland – Oscillospira (Ipecac)

The last I heard of Steensland he just released 25 Years of Minimum R&B, which is absolutely fantastic! Now, joined by composer JG Thirlwell, he appears on Oscillospira, a modern progressive rock masterpiece on Ipecac Records. The mostly-instrumental album crafts beautiful and powerful atmospheres that give it a cinematic edge while the variegated themes and motives keep your mind awake and listening. An amazing album!

Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon – To Catch a Bird in a Net of Wind (Trost)

To Catch a Bird in a Net of Wind is a two-track, forty-minute recording of the guitar and percussion duo, improvising and in the process bewildering their audience. Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon prove to be a match made in heaven, and the resulting experiment is poignant and visceral, primitive in a way. The accompanying video is not of the same recording, but I suggest you watch it nonetheless to see and comprehend the chemistry and creativity of both musicians.

Wares – Survival (Mint)

I’ve already discussed Wares on here, and why I love their sound, so I will be concise. Survival is the Canadian surf-noise rock’s newest album, and they’re at the top of their form! The songs on record are memorable, emotional, and either lush and atmospheric or rapid and energetic. It’s a real gem.

Emme Phyzema – A Series of Related Dreams

Multi-instrumentalist and weirdo composer Emme Phyzema just released A Series of Related Dreams, her first album with live drums, courtesy of Others by No One‘s Sam Ruff. Emme Phyzema’s work was always great, but now, with just a little bit more effort and collaboration, it sounds truly fantastic, otherworldly, unrealistic! A Series of Related Dreams is an awesome experimental prog release so don’t miss out on it!

Glass Museum – Reykjavík (Sdban)

Glass Museum is a Belgian nu jazz duo in the spirits of Go Go Penguin and Immortal Onion. Reykjavík, out on March 27, is the band’s sophomore album, via Sdban Ultra, and it’s an evocative, cinematic experience, looping in odd times and compelling melodies. Check it out!

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