Fuck the Facts, Eclecta, Cody Carpenter, Liturgy, Nova incepta, and Nerest

Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

Quebec’s deathgrind legends Fuck the Facts are back with another incredibly powerful banger: Pleine NoirceurFull Darkness if you allow me a quick translation. This forty-minute, twelve-track monster shows all the breadth of Fuck the Facts’s musical prowesses, and all the precision with which it’s performed and conveyed. It’s a relentless release that’s certain to fill your musical violence needs.

Eclecta – Open Other Doors (Tourbo Music)

The Swiss avant-pop duo Eclecta just released Open Other Doors, the follow-up to their debut A Symmetry and rumoured to be their final effort. The multi-instrumentalists, composers, and singers Marena Whitcher and Andrina Bollinger craft their songs from peculiar and yet oddly irresistible and charming musical ideas. It’s strange, it’s beautiful, it’s all we want from this weird pop duo!

Cody Carpenter – The Legend of Ludrium

Cody Carpenter never ceases to amaze. With The Legend of Ludrium, we’re offered a fictional video game soundtrack, and it’s a fantastic one at that! Merging elements of progressive rock, jazz, and of course video game music tropes, the album makes us travel through the story of Ludrium, and it’s quite a fun ride!

Liturgy – Origin of the Alimonies

I will never claim to fully grasp Liturgy‘s convoluted world and cosmogony, but I’ll repeat my love and admiration for its music. With Origin of the Alimonies, I think we’ve got their most diverse and mature collection of works yet. It’s got more atmospheric passages, heightened by a rather large cast of musicians, still some electronic manipulation (glitches and repeats, for example), and a good deal of rhythmic intricacies. It might just be my favourite Liturgy record!

Nova incepta – Visions of Arcadia

Nova incepta is a progressive metal band from Sydney, Visions of Arcadia is the sequel to New Initiatives, which we reviewed here. They’re crafting cinematic music that’s more than capable to stand on its own. Visions of Arcadia is beautiful and complex, impressive from all perspectives; it comes out later this year.

Nerest – 善悪 (Zen’aku) (Cancelled)

善悪 (Zen’aku) is the most recent album of Иван Бушуев (Ivan Bušuev), under the Nerest moniker. Drawing inspiration from six different yōkai, Ivan creates wonderfully complex and awe-striking electroacoustic pieces that challenge the mind and keep us on our toes. I’d rather not discuss the music too much, I think it’s better you dive in and experience it for yourselves. So go on and do just that!

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