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Wes Thrailkill is back with another killer release! This time, a 20 minute EP titled Detach. Wes wrote this during quarantine after having trouble finding inspiration and second guessing nearly everything he produced. But in the end he relinquished himself to the creative process and forged this beauty. Wes compares his mindset while creating Detach, to pulling a random card from a shuffled deck. Despite that mindset, he still managed to make it flow as a cohesive piece. It’s heavy, melodic, jazzy, chaotic, virtuosic, and everything in-between. Wes’s guitar tone is flawless as usual, and his chops are in top form.

Detach is made up of six parts, but as it is meant to be listened to as a single piece, the transitions between parts are smooth. Part 1 ‘An Abduction’ starts off with some nice heavy riffs that jump into some manic sweep arpeggios at the start of Part 2 ‘Seed Turns to Leech.’ Things start to get more melodic by the time we transition into Part 3 ‘Paracusia.’ Then a bit more chaotic again before mellowing out at the jazzy start of Part 4 ‘Exercise in Futility.’ Part 5 ‘The Latter’ gets soft and atmospheric before getting heavy again in the titular sixth and final part ‘Detach.’

The cover art, created by Tel Aviv artist Ori Toor, is an intricate and psychedelic-looking piece so detailed that you notice something new every time you look at it. The preview of the CD version below shows it off nicely.

Wes certainly pushed beyond his limits on this EP and created something to be proud of. Detach, set to release on December 11th, is a short, yet satisfying snack of guitar ear candy you’ll definitely want a taste of.

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