News: Last Chance To Reason – Level 2 video game gets two more chapters

With the release of 2011’s Level 2, an album acclaimed by all and that’s still memorable to this day as one of the best albums of modern progressive metal, Last Chance To Reason worked with independent video game developer Tom Vine to create an interactive multimedia experience. What we got was this, a demo with only the song Upload Complete. It was short, but it was a lot of fun, and it was really cool to play with the music.

Today, The Virus Master has come out, which includes the songs Coded to Fail and Taking Control. I … Read more

News: Peculate releases 3-part single!

It’s with a totally immature giggle (French people will understand, although it’s definitely no laughing matter), that I have the honour to report that Peculate released their first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a 3-part epic entitled Bouazizi!

Advertised as very different from their “standard” material, I have to say they didn’t lie! Peculate‘s traditional hectic spazz-djent is now out of the door to give way to what are usually only “influences”. The track, and hence the rest of the album, is much more jazz-based, and sounds much more instrumental-oriented. This might change, … Read more

News: A teaser for Lee Wanner’s new album

Every Man Is An Island is artist and multi-instrumentist Lee Wanner‘s upcoming solo album. Adding so many varied influences to a progressive metal, or djent perhaps, foundation that it’s difficult to categorize his music as such, this is certainly progressive in the literal way of the term.

I’ll be the first to buy that album once it’s available (if my wallet lets me), and I highly suggest you take interest in this man’s greatly interesting music!… Read more

Review: Nott – Abyssal EP

Nott has, since the project’s inception, been about ultimate heaviness and bleakness. I’ve known this one-man project since the Obsidian Depths EP, and I have also downloaded their first work, Devouring Deities. All of them fulfilled my needs for insanely heavy, slow, dissonant and distorted music. The new arrival, Abyssal, is no different.

Spewing the tale of the God of Hatred eradicating humanity, Abyssal takes us to new musical depths. From what I can tell, he’s tuning in A or A#, which is pretty damn low, supporting the concept of the abyss and surely … Read more

Review: Abstract Deviation – The Day I Would Never Have EP

I was quite content with Abstract Deviation‘s last album, Layers. Even with all its flaws, it was a fun listen and it was something just a bit out of the norm: djent with progressive, electronica elements, and female-fronted. This time is now gone.

First major change: the singer. No more female voice. I’ll admit that she wasn’t the best singer out there, but it was something uncommon among djent bands. The new [male] singer, despite his good voice, doesn’t bring out that “uncommon” element, and makes the band sound much more familiar than it should be. Familiar like … Read more