News: Peculate releases 3-part single!

It’s with a totally immature giggle (French people will understand, although it’s definitely no laughing matter), that I have the honour to report that Peculate released their first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a 3-part epic entitled Bouazizi!

Advertised as very different from their “standard” material, I have to say they didn’t lie! Peculate‘s traditional hectic spazz-djent is now out of the door to give way to what are usually only “influences”. The track, and hence the rest of the album, is much more jazz-based, and sounds much more instrumental-oriented. This might change, … Read more

Stimpy Lockjaw – Stimpy Lockjaw

Stimpy Lockjaw is best described as “Fuck you and listen for yourself”. Simply put, it’s an improvisation jazz & metal crash course. Simplerly put: it’s freaking awesome and why the fuck aren’t you listening to it yet?

Nicholas Llerandi and Kevin Theodore (Ever Forthright) teamed up with Zachary Marks (drums) and Steve Jenkins (bass) to create a cow-tipping experience! It’s honestly one of the best-crafted pieces of music I’ve got to hear! A more aggressive Exivious, a more progressive (and metal) Axon-Neuron, Dillinjazz Escape Plan, Trioscapes with guitars or, really, just Ever Forthright on psychotropics … Read more

Prepare to Riot! New Ever Forthright is here!

And if that’s any indication of what EF‘s new album will sound like, Riot: Part I is one of the most badass songs I’ve heard from them!

You can download it for free or give any amount you like to help these guys on their second full-length!

Ever Forthright on facebook:

-D… Read more