News: Peculate releases 3-part single!

It’s with a totally immature giggle (French people will understand, although it’s definitely no laughing matter), that I have the honour to report that Peculate released their first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a 3-part epic entitled Bouazizi!

Advertised as very different from their “standard” material, I have to say they didn’t lie! Peculate‘s traditional hectic spazz-djent is now out of the door to give way to what are usually only “influences”. The track, and hence the rest of the album, is much more jazz-based, and sounds much more instrumental-oriented. This might change, as this is maybe just a more instrumental track than the others. On this single, part III is more Peculate-y, bringing in heavy distortion and polyrhythm drumming, but it’s still way more jazzy than ever! Even the vocals are different. At least for now they’re more read like a recited text than like sung like lyrics. And that is really great because, even with vocals on, the focus is more on the instruments.

TLDR; I’m excited for the complete release.