Stimpy Lockjaw – Stimpy Lockjaw

Stimpy Lockjaw is best described as “Fuck you and listen for yourself”. Simply put, it’s an improvisation jazz & metal crash course. Simplerly put: it’s freaking awesome and why the fuck aren’t you listening to it yet?

Nicholas Llerandi and Kevin Theodore (Ever Forthright) teamed up with Zachary Marks (drums) and Steve Jenkins (bass) to create a cow-tipping experience! It’s honestly one of the best-crafted pieces of music I’ve got to hear! A more aggressive Exivious, a more progressive (and metal) Axon-Neuron, Dillinjazz Escape Plan, Trioscapes with guitars or, really, just Ever Forthright on psychotropics and Spencer having a sex change. Because yes, there are vocals in there! They’re few and scarce, but the wonderful voice of Cara Minichiello, present only in “Robo” and “Asteroids”, bring a little touch that’s greatly appreciated, and even more depth to this abyssal record!

The self-titled album, clocking at over 40 minutes, is really an entertaining and inspiring listen. Everyone should draw some inspiration from this titanic piece of art! Bring bebop to metal, that’s what I think they had in mind when penning the album, and that’s what I think they achieved. Surely, more metalheads will listen to jazz or, at least, be more open-minded about it, and, maybe, vice-versa.

Grab this thing on bandcamp, or get a copy on the band’s official store.