News: Novallo II teaser!

Check that out! Doesn’t this sound exciting? From the teaser only, it seems like they’ve only made what put them apart on their first album better! And… I freaking love those guitar tones! I remember reading that the guitarist would be really into weird distortions and all, which made me think of Car Bomb’s Greg Kubacki, but with that teaser I can safely say that there are many more things going on than a pitch pedal, and that makes me excited!… Read more

News: Upcoming awesome band alert! Vvon Dogma I

Funky, djenty, proggy, those are the three words that I can put on this project for now. There’s next to no information available on the project, apart from the bass demo video… by no less than the monstrous bassist from Unexpect but rather than play on a 9 string bass guitar, it’s on a more standard 6 string. And he still totally kills it, even though it’s quite remote from Unexpect’s sound.

As for now, I believe they are actively looking for an 8-string guitarist with high-end gear, who thinks outside the box, and who has a clean criminal record … Read more

Review: Trivalent – A Universe

If you don’t get what’s happening on that album cover, all four of the schemas, then you won’t get the album. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the music, just that you wouldn’t get it, it’s concept and all. The album represents in music the birth, life, and death of a universe, our universe, through the various stages of what we believe happened, and will happen in the future. Now, le me nerd out for a second here while I explain the album cover and track titles. If you want to read about the music, just skip… Read more

News: Entheos, or the almost-reunion of Animosity

Featuring bassist Evan Brewer, guitarist Frank Costa, and drummer Navene Koperweis, along with Systems‘ singer Chaney Crabb. There’s not much to listen to, right now, except this small guitar-tracking video on facebook. That sounds quite promising. The album comes out march 15!

Read more

News: Something goes right for Mad Essence

Russian metalrtronic band Mad Essence will soon release their next full-length album Rehumanization which is said to be the greatest of them all.

If we are to judge the future album by the present single, this would not be far from the truth. Something Goes Right definitely gets something right. It’s not surprising for an experienced listener, but it kind of reminds me of nu-metal, the not-so-bad ones. And this is cool.

I’ll wait for the album release for the final judgement.… Read more