Check out this new single from Second To Sun

The same crazy Russian duo who brought us the amazing 2013 album Based On A True Story just released “Me Or Him”. It’s another one of their tasty, personal blend of experimental djent. Second To Sun aren’t inspired by the format of an album, however, and will most probably continue releasing singles this way. Enjoy!… Read more

Novållo sends us a Betty!

Electro-djent band Novållo long teased us for their new material, and we finally get to hear some of it! Betty Phage Goes To Bronxton is the first single from their second album, simply titled “Novallo II” (without the å, much to our dismay). Gino teased us of his experimentation with distortion sounds, and I guess it wasn’t for nothing! The guitar sounds very processed, almost sounding like noise is coming through, but it gets the effect it sought. Also, I think I’ve never heard a swing-felt djent song, and I’m glad that this day has finally happened. In … Read more

Veil of Maya’s ‘Mikasa’ Marks the Official Death of Djent

#VeilHasRisen marks a new phase in the life of the band Veil of Maya (VoM). This new phase is one marked by commercialism: Veil of Maya is a pop band now.

VoM was one of the earliest djent bands. Its 2008 album The Common Man’s Collapse was experimented with polymetric superposition (the hallmark attribute of djent) years before it became a staple for metal bands to pretend they are progressive.

With its release of “Mikasa,” VoM has shown that it has adopted not just clean vocals, but clean vocal melodies that sound as though they were lifted from Top 20 … Read more

Review: Red Seas Fire – Exposition/Confrontation/Resolution

Red Seas Fire originally intended on releasing one album’s worth divided into three EPs throughout one year. However, mostly due to band members changes I suppose, they ended up releasing one EP per year, throughout three years. What you’ve got is Exposition, Confrontation, and Resolution, a 3-EP, 12-track collection of about 60 minutes worth of music. I’ll begin by reviewing the latest one.

RSF make djent music but only to an extent. They don’t solely rely on riffing arrhythmia to build their songs. They put a good deal of chordal progression and melodies, kind of like how … Read more