August recommendations are here!


Here are four ctebcm-approved albums that came out last month and that we think you should definitely check out!

Michael AveryThe Scientist

Instrumental progressive metal heavily influence by djent that is actually not just a bunch of chugga-chugga’s and jun-jun’s, even though they are not underrepresented. It’s globally a fun album to listen and headbang to, with varied compositions and a fair amount of high-level musicianship! Plus: it’s available for name your price (NYP) on bandcamp so, why not give it a shot?

Doom SaladDac Maelc Yletulosbo

The fourth EP from Savannah’s experimental math rockers, palindromic to their previous one Obsolutely Cleam Cad, is full of great music moments. The chords and their progressions show a jazz sensibility, while the rhythms, song structures and choice of instruments leans more towards experimental and progressive music. Another fun album to listen to, and another NYP one, too!

DumbsaintPanorama, in ten pieces

A great, atmospheric album musically telling stories of suburban horror. There is good musicianship, but really over-the-top songwriting skills. They definitely know how to give you chills and make you feel the emotions they want you to feel. It’s a must for every post-metal fan!

Earth’s Yellow SunThe Infernal Machine

A five-part, 23-minute single composition from Toronto’s prog rockers, and yet another instrumental release. Guess I wasn’t feeling that vocals thing this month. It’s a terrific listen for you prog rock lovers, loads of retro vibes, but also really modern in its execution: low-tuned guitars and saxophones.

So that wraps up our month of August! What did you listen to, this month?