Review: Abstract Deviation – The Day I Would Never Have EP

I was quite content with Abstract Deviation‘s last album, Layers. Even with all its flaws, it was a fun listen and it was something just a bit out of the norm: djent with progressive, electronica elements, and female-fronted. This time is now gone.

First major change: the singer. No more female voice. I’ll admit that she wasn’t the best singer out there, but it was something uncommon among djent bands. The new [male] singer, despite his good voice, doesn’t bring out that “uncommon” element, and makes the band sound much more familiar than it should be. Familiar like … Read more

Abstract Deviation – Layers

From Mother Russia, Abstract Deviation are making a lot of noise in the modern progressive a.k.a. djent scene. Mathy polyrhythms, changing time signatures, insane musicianship and female vocals are what distinguishes them when you first listen to them.

If you want some new djent madness without all the mean and harsh vocals that are used in today’s bands, you might want to get into that band. If you’re a fan of said mean and harsh vocals, go and get their instrumental version of the album and make your own growls/screams/farts.

Abstract Deviation is sure to become … Read more

Your life is The Cube

Dawn Sanctum just released this album, entitled The Cube, on bandcamp.

And for free!!! (but you should definitely donate a little if you can afford it :)

The album is awesome, and the artist is pretty neat, too ;) Show him some support yo!

It’s über-exclusive right now :D
-D… Read more

Buy that masterpiece right now

Follow the White Rabbit’s chef d’œuvre “Endorphinia” is now available as a physical CD for only 7 bucks ( 5 Euros), plus shipping fees.

Plus, an awesome shirt is available, too!

Visit this address if you wish to order the CD. The shirt will be available soon at the same address (for now you have to email the band’s guitarist if you wish to have the bundle).

I can’t wait to jam this album that easily sits among the top 3 best albums of all time for me!!!!

Isn’t it beauti

Like this fabulous band over at facebook, show them … Read more