Abstract Deviation – Layers

From Mother Russia, Abstract Deviation are making a lot of noise in the modern progressive a.k.a. djent scene. Mathy polyrhythms, changing time signatures, insane musicianship and female vocals are what distinguishes them when you first listen to them.

If you want some new djent madness without all the mean and harsh vocals that are used in today’s bands, you might want to get into that band. If you’re a fan of said mean and harsh vocals, go and get their instrumental version of the album and make your own growls/screams/farts.

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February’s Alphabet Playlist

Here are the songs I personally think everyone should listen to – at least once – in the current month.

Abstract Deviation – Solar Empire (Abstract Deviation EP)

Being – Air Atlantic (Anthropocene)

Circle Takes The Square – North Star, Inverted (Decompositions : Volume Number One)

Devolved – Apocalyptic Visionary (Reprisal)

Eschaton – The Black Tunnel (Isolated Intelligence)

Fountainhead – Fear Is The Enemy (Fear Is The Enemy)

Gigan – The Raven And The Crow (Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes)

Hacktivist – Hacktivist (Hacktivist EP)

Infant Annihilator – Cuntcrusher (The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution)

Journal – The Velvet Ribbon (Unlorja)

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